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3 1639 00183 2623 




It's OK£R 


9ft. S«tfS« 

/^acicltc/ pa. -¥-7 O 

\\!. . 

l/?idcrc6ass77iA?i. jt?^. 77^^ ■ 

^\ Sem-ors. /p^. -¥3-70 5 |^ 

SpmrlVccA. p^. 706-707 

iScmor AAcTTiortcs. /p^. 7 7 3-7 6 S . 

■ /^^... p^. 767-7 <i'-¥ Wi 

\\ 5 ^ 'yOmtcr... p^. 7 J' 5-^0^ M 

C/2^s. p^. ^03-^73 

^ ^c£^tism&7its. /?^. ^^0-^-¥0 ^ 



Sdence Depjrtmmt 
Adjin Br^-lshjvv, Rick Hycz, Uson W^rd, bck 
Browne, D^vid Kitchen, Ari^nne Lo2ai\ Di^ne 

M3tth Dep3rtment 

Warren McCallLini, Mary Ellen Connor, Tara 
Plassniann, Greg Zini, Amy Cortriglit, Mathew 
Marani, Alexandra Hosea, Powell Vacha 

SocM Studes Dqp^rtmmt 
bhn Willis, bhn Goniatis, liilie Fox, Oiris Lacy, 
Thon\3S lacobs, Patiicia Wilson, Glenn DiToniaso, 
Andrea Keating 

English Dqji^rtmmt 
Craig Belmore, liiii Sullivan, lennifer Siilc, Kelly 
Criss, iLidy Browne, Emily Workman, Evanna 
Stefamkis, Matthew Keegan 


Amy Greene, Rebecca Arnold, and 
Brenda Barrientos 

Fordgn Unguage Depmiimnt: 

Hm Whelton, RabU Mifdal, Mb Doyle, Sandra 
Gilabert, Susan Ward, Kelly Adams, Tim Hanke 

Suppcnt Services: 
Gail Nathanson, Susan Boyer, Allyson Smith, lamie Callalian, 
Lynn Kaiipp, Laurel RheaLilt, David Benedict, Gail Scott, and Sylvia Leachman 

Not Pictured: liidith Field 


Technology Depjrtmmt 

Mai'k Herman .and Ross Kowalski 

Must Depjrtmmt 

Amy Cortright ^nd bhn OBrlant 

Physkd Education Department 
Matt Lantier 

Admhistratjon Services: 

Kathiyn hUnnigan, Cbire Leary, Oiristine 
Holbnd, and Donna Cratto 

Art Department 
Paul Papadonis and Nathan Nottingham 



Ctnise SliIUvjix kidy BcJiinister-Dvvyer, Donm Scluffcr, Sue Coccc, 
Bcirbjrj Kjczimsz Not Pictiirai: Peggy DeCoiito, Kim Clejiy, 

CistcxM Services: 
Pdul Shej, David bnes, Miclud Ash 
^sbt Pictiii'ed: Roliert Fraser 

Dear Chss o^20^^, 

Congratulations on your four very strong years at 
>sbrweU High SchooL Without a doubt, this year has 
definitely been your strongest Your class has always been 
steady, consistent, and conscientious. 1 tally appreciate 
how all of you care for one another and take the time to 
work on hard issues in an open and sharing way. Your 
class has modeled exceptional leadership and has taken a 
sincere interest in the success of the classes who are 
learning from yoa 

Thank you for taking a genuine interest in the entire 
schooL You will be remembered as a class that contributed 
most remarl<ably to the spirit of involvement within the 
school community. 


Mr. Keeg^n 


Goodbye Mr. Sullivan... 

7~A^n£s so 77mc/i^yr '^ourfhcTia^s^/tp <s7u/' sujt?jt?ort 
airr t/iA jOAft 7 O Qosrs. You sire Iz^^ ofC^ 
hcnc/^vom, t/ve 70c^ on t/iAjiclcf <a?icf C/ou ^^/itcn 
t/iA ofc^^cr^oriA q^ou TTij&et.Norwc/l-H^^^Sc/ibol 

(^ou tau^Ait ICS. to <sl}o^s S6& 6est m e<3c/i 
person ,£ncf sitic^ton we encounter, c<£nt en^ Se 
^ybr^otten TTi^TiAfJbr t/^ rriATTiones/ 

Dear Mr. Sdltvan, 
We couldnt have asked for a better coadi to share 
our last season with. Congratiiatjons on a great 
career and good luck in your retirement 
-David R^an 

Mr. Sullivan, 

Thanks so much for being such a great teacher and 
inspiration to everyone. Even though we didn't have 
you all year, you made a big impact on us all. I'll 
never forget the "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" video! 
Enjoy your retirement! We'll miss you! 
-Michaela Nichols 

Jim, it was great getting to know 
you. The building will not be the 
same without you. 
- Warren Maccallum 

Mr. SulW<»o laec^^ vny 

Jw*\ "^acAicdli^' c»Per « "full cuod 

My dearest Sully, 

There are so many laughs, bad jokes and ridiculously funny 
lunches that have made my time here the best. My fondest 
memory is of our trip to Washington DC where all of us felt 
we would certainly experience our first and last plane crash. 
I am now and was then grateful to be with you. I will miss 
you more than words can explain and you will always be in 
my favorite category. I hope that you find joy in your 
retirement, happiness with your family and that you always 
feel the love. 
Susan Boyer 

"Thanks for the pretzels!" 

-Glenn Ditomaso 

Dear Km, 

Happy Retirement to you! Of course, 1 wouldnt be surprised tf 
you continue to serve the world of education in some capacity, 
so maybe this isnt qiite a final bow in teaching, but 1 do wish 
you all the best as you move on from Norwdl High School 1 
haven't been around here very long, but it didnt take long to 
figure out how wdl-respected and admired you around these 
hallway Undoubtedly, you will be missed! 

Evarma Stefenalos 


Thanks for being the best teacher I've 
ever had and for teaching we to always 
let my conscience be my guide! You will be 
'Chioe Hager 


Over the years I have been able to see the tremendous 
influence you have had on Norwell students (Including my 
husband!), players, and faculty. You are a true leader who 
always seems to know just the right thing to say to motivate 
others. You are an amazing educator with a vast knowledge 

of literature and a superior command of language and 
grammar. You are a fabulous coach who has inspired South 

Shore athletes for decades. And you are a great friend to 
everyone who has had the pleasure of being your colleague. 

As you embark on the next phase of your life, may you 
continue to laugh and lead and enjoy joyful times with family 
and friends. You have created an amazing legacy at Norwell 
High and the Clippers will never forget you! 
Jen Sulc 

cf Morwcll Wi^i,^ 'ScX^o(^ wHWjut'Uwx Well 

will miss you!!! 


Emily Argiro Bryce Bailey Sarah Barcomb Lillian Barrett Elizabetii Basso 


John Capodanno 

/ i 

Brendan Collin^ 

Savannah Cardoso 

John Christian 

Andrew Cibotti 

Griffin Collins 

Samantha Collins 

Shannon Connolly 

Elaina Cipriano 

Cameron Cox 

James Daly 

Katharine Daly 

Brendan Davis 


Fiona Elliott 

Erica Fallon 

Kara Fanning 


Jack Dempsey Christopher DiMartinis 

Catherine Ebsary 

Kelly Finnigan 

Joseph Flaherty 

Michaela Flaherty 

John Fletcher 

Paige Freeman 

Tara Gallagher 

Kristen Gaudreau 




Matthew Lockwood 

Kathryn Maguire 

Jessica Lovell 

Kevin Luo 

Emily Lyncii 

:1 . V 

Mark MacGillivray 

Timothy Mahonev 

William Malloy 

Michael Mannix 

Spencer McCarron 

Michael Mclnnis Mathew McLaughlin 

Colin Nichols 

Lisa Patrolia 


A Elizabeth McNamee Christie McTigu 

Ross Mehtala 

Nicholas Metzger 

Edward Motlin 

Kaitlyn O'Neil 

Remington O'Toole 

Julianna Ochs 

Madeline Plansky 

John Poirier 

Alexandra Prescott 

Danielle Nelson 

Rachel Paine 

Megan Punzak 

Kaitlin Reardon 

Nevan Mark Recchia 

Alyssa Reilly 

Peter Ricciuti 

Samuel Rinko 



Valerie Umbro Graham Van Goffrier Maureen Vaughan 

George Williams Gordon Willis Jeremiah Wilson Anthony Wood-Casella 

Not Pictured: Elisabeth O'Malley 


Matthew Barry 

Robert Blakeslee 

Kathryn Ayles 

Dillon Bailey 

Anna Barger 

Peter Battinelli 

Francesca Bellofatto 

Emily Bernard 

Lindsay Bilezikian 

Sam Broderick 

Emma Butterfield 

Grant Cabell 

Rachael Caldwell 

Keith Callahan 

Meghan Callahan 

Robert Callahan 


Benjamin Campbell 

Jonathan Cannon 


Paul Capuzzo 

Arianna Cash 

Angelica Chan 

Sarah Ciardi 

Kylie Coffey 

Alison Conley 

Autumn Conti 

Bridget Conway 

Connor Curley 

Tiffany D'Souza 

Joseph Daddio 

Tyler Dakin 

Emily Cipriano 

Devon Croke 

Aisling Dalco 

Colin Deary 

Carly DeLugan 


Maeve Dennigan 

Wesley Dickhaut 

Elizabeth Digains 

Victoria Dinger 

Madeline Eaves 

Zacharv Good 

Marissa Gratta 

Brian Gunning 



Patn.k H..V,.- 

Thomas Jensen 

C ouitne\ Hudgins Corinne Hultman 

Conor Haraden 

John Harrington 

Alexis HiKon 

Linnea Houde 

Paige Hultman 

Matthew Infascelli 

Timothy Jones 

Annie-Lori Joseph 

Kathleen Joseph 

Gabriella Joyce 


Emily Kuhn Connor Kulka Joseph Lamparelli James Laubenstein Genji Leonard 

Jordan Livingston Sean Locke Vanessa Lyle Bethany Lynch Joseph Lynch 

CaitHn Macauiey Luke Macdonaid Madison Maduri Jared Mahoney Meghan Mahoney 


Molly Manning 

Peter Marchetti 

Julianne Mariano 

Reed Markham 

Jake Marr 

Gabrieiie Marrese 

Margaret Masterson 

D'Anna Mayers 

Alexandra Mazzulli Madelynne McCauley 

Virginia McCord 

Joseph McGlinchey 

Sam McGowan 

Hannah Mclnnis 

Matthew McKeen 

Faith Morgan 

Ryan Mudge 

Caitlin Murphy 



Chimerem Nnadi 

Thomas O'Toole 

Megan O'Brien 

Mary O'Connell 

Kellie O'Leary 

Michael Oberg 

Isabelle Olsson 

Sarah Perfetuo 

Caitlin O'Malley 

Brian Peterson 

Courtney Pyle 

Liam Quinn 


Kanika Rajiv 

Lisa Ray 

William Raymond 

Ne\en Recchia 

Jessica Samo 

Jarrod Seavey 

Mason Sesall 

William Sewell 

Jake Sherman 

Courtney Smith 

Courtney A Smith 

Katherine Snyder 

Kali Spall 

Brian Spillane 


John Spillane 

Shawn Tiemey 

Nicholas Tsekeris 

Casey Studley 

Rachel Talanian 

Alice Tilles 

Jamie Tobin George Trebino 

Thomas Vafiades 

Gabriela Vemalha 

Ashley Voner 

Matthew Trowbridg 

Morgan Walsh 

Madeline Ward 

Noah Wasserman 

Holly Weiler 

Owen Wiggins 

Hannah Wolfson 

Not Pictured: Chandler Kopacz 



Brian Devilly 

James Digregorio 

Benjamin Gordon 

Aubrie Guertin 

Amanda Harding 

Lauren Harding Kelly Harrington 



Sean O'Sullivan 

Sarah Orleman 








It has been my privilege to watch 
you transform into a man of 
substance. As you continue to try 
new things, you will allow 
yourself to grow and discover 
your endless attributes. Life has a 
way of putting you where you are 
supposed to be. We love you! 
The biggest members of your fan 
club! Mom and Elizabeth 



We are so proud you of and all 
that you have accomplished. 
Enjoy life to its fullest and I 
remember to always follow yoj 
dreams. We are here for you 

Mom, Dad, Hannah and Zack 



Your smile, creativity and 
talent are your treasure. 
Go out and share them with 
the world! 
Love you forever, 
Mom, Dad and Rob 


Our teeny-tiny baby ! ! My 
how you've grown!! Full 
of spirit, personality and 
love. No longer our teeny- 
tiny baby, but always as 
special as the first 
moment we saw you. 

Dear Evan, 

Congratulations ~ we are so proud 
of you! Thank you for all the joy 
and laughter you have brought us. 
Continue to make this world a 
better place with your compassion 
and kindness. 

May our special angel always 
keep you safe. 
We love you count the stars, 
Mom and Jenna 

Dear Christian, 

We are so proud to have you as 
our son. Don't ever lose your 
wonderful sense of humor. 
Remember this; "It's not whethi 
you get knocked down, it's 
whether you get up"-Vince 

We love you so much... 
Mom, Dad, Kenzie, KK, and 


We hope your dreams take you 
to the corners of your smiles, to 
the highest of your hopes, to the 
windows of your opportunities, 
and to the most special places 
your heart has ever known. - 
Author Unknown 
Congratulations ! 

Mom, Dad, Cormac & Shea 

Congratulations Dave! 
Keep following your dreams. . . 
they will come true! Your hard 
work and great attitude will bring 
you success and happiness in life. 
We are so proud of you! 
Love always. 

Mom, Dad, Tommy and Dan 

Jay one you have brought such 

our lives. We truly admire how 
ou work to achieve your goals 

1 so very proud of you and all 
ccomplishments. You are a 
young lady, loyal friend and 
sister. Continue to smile and 
we are always here for you. 

you get the chance to sit it out or 
we hope you dance. 
/ou to the moon... 
and Dad 

Dear Sarah, 

We are so very proud of you!! 
You are a very special person 
and we love you more than you 
could ever imagine.!! 
Remember to keep true to 
yourself, and never stop 
All our love. 

Mom, Dad & Maddie 



You are the jewel in our crown. Your 
exuberance for life has made our lives 
so much richer. Throughout your 
childhood, you have given every 
project, every new skill, your 
passionate best. You will take gifts of 
creativity and a joyous passion for life 
to all your endeavors. 
With love, we support you in your 
growth from child to woman. 
Mom. Dad, Branwen and Gwynne 


Congratulations on a very 
successful high school career. 
We just want to thank you for 
being a wonderful son and for 
the joy you've brought to our 
family. There is no doubt that 
your future will be exciting and 
rewarding. We wish you the very 
best in all of life's lessons ahead. 
Mom & Dad ".^ 

vish you everything that you 
2ver hope for as you take on 
lext journey in your life, 
h for the stars, and may you 
success in all your 
avors. We are so very 
d of the young man you 
; Mom & Dad 

Dear Zack. 

We are so very proud of you and your 
endearing optimism. You have been 
dealt more than your .share of challenges 
Your courage inspires us and the many 
who love you. We could not be more 
proud of you, and impressed by the 
mountains you continue to climb on a 
daily basis. We love you. We pray that 
you will continue to inspire and motivate 
all who are privileged to come into your 

Mom and Dad 


Congratuations ! 

We are vei7 proud of you ! 


Mom and Dad 


You have grown to be a 
beautiful, strong, confident 
person. We are so proud of 
your accomplishments. 
We Love you! 
Love, Mom, Grandma, 
Grandpa, Rachael, and Dillon 

Dear Brooke, 

Your caring, unpretentious 
ways are what your family and 
friends love about >ou most. 
Continue to be "your own 
person." it will always guide 
you in the right direction. We 
are very proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Ashley, & "Bailey" 


Congradulations! We love yoi; 
and are so blessed to have yoL 
in our lives. 


Mom . Dad. and Mike 


"Today you are you, that is 
truer than true. There is no one 
alive who is your than you." - 
Dr. Seuss. It has been an 
amazing journey already- 
always stay true to the person 
you have become, and it will 
bring you great success and 
even more happiness! 

Mom, Dad, and Kendall 

Dear Caroline, 
We are so very proud of the 
special young u oman you have 
become. You are truly a 
beautiful person. We so look 
forward to watching you grow, 
because each year you amaze 
us more than the previous. 

Mom. Dad, and Matt 



Our girl graduating high 
school! We've enjoyed every 
moment watching you grow 
into the sweet young lady you 
are today. You'll always be our 

Mom and Dad 


The day you were bom we 
knew our family was complet 
You are kind, sensitive, and 
hysterically funny! We love 
you so very much and are ver 
proud of you. Do your best, 
laugh a lot, enjoy life and yov 
will succeed. 
Love always. 
Mom, Dad, and Nathaniel 


As parents, we could not be 
more proud. 

You bring us joy and make us 

Now your journey begins. 
And as you choose your 

Do what you love, 
And love what you do. 


Mom & Dad 


Well Pookie, here you are, a 
senior! We are so proud of you. continue to be the best 
you can be, and always believe 
in yourself. Remember we are 
always here for you. 

Mom, Dad, and Jackie 



You bring so much joy to our 
lives. You are blessed with a 
warm and caring personahty 
which will guide you through 
life's awesome journey. We are 
so proud of you! 
Love always. 
Mom, Dad, and Emily 

Dear Mikey, 

We are so proud to be your 



Mom and Dad 


Wherever you go... 
Whatever you do... 
Please give us a call! 
Because We Love You : ) 
Big hug from Mom & Dad, 
Jon-Paul & Alex 


Always know that we stand 
behind you all the way, as you 
follow your path through life, 
and always keep faith! 
With eternal love, 
Mom Dad and Colin 


Is there anything you can't do? 
You shout to the world "I'm 
here. .I'm ready.. I mean it!" 
You're amazing. Your smile, 
your wisdom, your heart, your 
surprise. Great times ahead 

Our heart. Our Galway Girl, 

Nora and Owen 


Congradulations... Your journey has 
just begun. We are so proud of you, if 
Mema could see you now! You are a 
wonderful son. brother and grandson. 
It's time to move on, meet new people 
and have new adventures. Never stop 
learning, work hard and play hard. 
We are always here for you. The best 
is yet to come! 
Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Breanne, Taylor and 

Da Mousey, 

We are so proud of the 

remarkable young woman you 

are! Always remember that the 

best way to eat an elephant is 

one bite at a time. 

Love you, 

Moea, Daea and Oreo 


We are all so proud of you! Thanks 
for always keeping us laughing! As 
you go through life we hope you 
find laughter and happiness in all 
you do. Dream big, Brendan. And 
wherever those dreams may take 
you remember we will always be 
here cheering you on. 

Mom, Dad, Ryan, Patrick and 



Dear Zach. 

It has been a joy and a privilege 
watching you grow into the 
amazing young man you are 
today. Always be true to 
yourself and follow your 
dreams. The world awaits you. 

Mom and Dad 


You have grown into a 
wonderful young man and we 
could not be more proud. Your 
values, work ethic, attitude and 
unyielding passion for life will 
insure your personal and 
professional success. 
Mom, Dad, Isabella, Sophia 
and Rudy. 


It's been a wonderful journey 
and so much fun! Best of luck 
in college we will miss you. 
Thanks for always making us 

Mom and Dad 


The most wonderful surprise of 
our lives! You continue to amaze 
us with your quiet determination 
and independent spirit. You are 
beautiful inside and out. 
Remember to follow your 
dreams and listen to your heart. 
We love you around the world 
and back again Munchie Girl! 
Mom, Dad, Jamie, Kristin and 


I watched you grow from a boy 
to a fine outstanding young 
man. You are very determined 
and will succeed in everything 
you set out to do. I am very 
proud to have you for a son. 
Good luck in college. 


All our love always. 
Mom, Hannah and Rebecca 


Where has the lime gone! We are so 
proud of you and are so excited tor you 
10 start this next chapter in your hfe. You 
have a great personality and curiosity for 
adventure and these are qualities thai will 
serve you well in college. Remember you 
can accomplish anything if you just 
believe in yourself. We believe in you! 
Remember we are always here for you 
anytime you need us. We will miss you 
very much. We promise not to let Zack 
take over your room. Aim High! 

Dad, Mom and Zack 


You have brought us so much happiness. 
We know you can be focused on any 
challenge: and follow it until the end. We 
have all seen how kind and passionate you 
can be. You really try hard to accomplish 
your goals. Your close friends have been so 
supportive and make you smile. You are 
definitely my princess forever. We love 
you. You will be successful. 

IVIom, Dad and Scan 



; happy. ..embrace life's many 
ventures, opportunities and 
allenges. You can do 
ything you set your mind to. 
ou have brought us so much 
y and happiness. We are very 
oud of you ! 

ad, Mom and Christopher 


We are proud of your success 
which began when you started 
"three school." Your 
leadership, determination and 
compassion will continue to 
define you as a true friend, 
endearing sister and loving 
Love you ! 

Mom, Dad, Emily and Elaina 

Dear Chloe, 

How did this happen? You're a 
senior! We are so proud of you. 
If you continue to be the person 
you are today, you will go far. 
Congratulations! We love you 
so much! 

Mom, Dad, Tim and Ethan 


Life has thrown many 
challenges your way. Through 
perseverance and hard work 
you have managed to overcome 
them. Always know that we 
love you and are confident that 
you will achieve all of your 


bu are a unique young man, 
nart and determined. You 
ave to decide which direction 
Dur life will take. Whatever 
irection you decide upon, 
member we love you and are 
ways here for you. 


From the cool little dude to the 

outstanding young man that we 

are so proud of. 

We will miss you and we love 


Good luck class of 20 11. 

Oh Drew, 

You know how we feel... 
We are so proud of you. Happy 
for you. Look at all that you 
have accomplished. We look 
forward to your future 
endeavors, too. Keep laughing, 
live, dream and love. 
We love you, happiness 

Dad, Mom, Cory and Josh. 


Oh the things you'll do, places 
you'll see and people you'll 
meet. From Gulfer Junior to 
Becca, Barcelona to Vietnam, 
Pooh Bear to Mark Wahlberg. 
May many great experiences 

Mom and Dad 


Dear Lauren. 
Your strength and resolve 
inspires me. Your wisdom and 
talent humbles me. Your music 
heals me. Your spirit amazes 
me. You light up my life and 
fill my and fill my heart with 
joy. Follow your dreams and 
believe! I am so proud and 
blessed to be your mom. 
All my love. 

Dear Averie. 

We watched you grow from a happy, 
creative toddler into a young woman 
who values life, friendship and truth. 
We love you for bringing us joy. 
making us laugh, for seeing the best in 
everyone and for always being true to 
who you are. Our sweet and amazing 
little girl- we are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad. Owen and Cameron 


Congratulations! You are the 
last Cox and we may have 
just saved the best for last. 
Live your dreams. ..don't give 
in or give up. You have made 
our family so happy just by 
being part of it. We are so 
proud of you. We love you. 
You are DA BOMB, GIRL!! 

Just a few of your ABC's ... 
Arachnophobia, Bagels & Bacon, 
Camry, Disney, Energetic. Football, 
Google, Happy Hooligan. Italy, 
Jokester. Kanye, Lacrosse, Marco 
Island, Nannietime, Oakleys, Puppy, 
Quickwit. Rollercoaster, 
Snowboarding, Taco Bell, UNC hats, 
Vinal, WOW, Xbox Live, Yes.. .Nick, 
Zest for life!!! 

With Infinite Joy, Pride and Love! 

Always and Forever, 

Mom, Dad, Richie, and Haley 


Continue to be kind and honest, 
work hard and stay focused, 
and remain happy and positive 
and life will take you in 
directions you never dreamed 

We love you and are so proud 
of you. 

Mom, Dad, and Alyse 


Congratulations on all you've 
accomplished. You never gave it less 
than your all. We couldn't be more 
proud. You've made it out of the 
harbor; now you just have to cross the 
ocean. Just remember to have fun alonj 
the way- in the end it's the memories 
you are left with. We are so proud of 
you. love you lots and lots! 
Mom, Dad, Nick. Erica, and Trixie 

Dear Georgia, 

You are a creative, intelligent, 
and compassionate young 
woman. 1 love your sense of 
humor and look forward to 
your future accomplishments. 
We are so proud of you ! 

Mom and Dad 


You have brought great joy and 
happiness to our lives. We are 
so incredibly proud of your 
accomplishments and the 
person you have become. We 
will miss your smile, the sound 
of your laugh, and your 
company. Embrace life, and be 
happy. Love 

Dad, Mom, John and Rory. 


t'our a standing ovation after 
;ars of waiting for a chance to 
line. ..everyone calls you 
Tiazing, I just call you mine." 
/ith your intelligence and 
jnfidence, you'll go far. 
ove & Pride, 
lom & Dad 


Congratulations Lexi Lu! We 
are so proud of all that you 
have accomplished. Reach for 
your goals and enjoy every 
moment of every day. "We 
hope the days come easy and 
the moments pass slow and 
each road leads you where you 
want to go..." 

Mom, Dad, and Dani 

Dear Elizabeth, 
We are so proud of you and 
your accomplishments. You 
have grown into a beautiful 
woman inside and out. May 
your future be filled with 
happiness and success. 

Mom, Dad, Leah, and Liam 


We make a living by what we 

ret. We make a life by what we 


fou are the sunshine of our 

ives. We are so proud of you. 

)ream big. 

vlom. Dad, Megan, and 

Tayla, "Our Miracle Baby." Thank you 
for making our life complete. For so 
many years you would say I can not 
wait for my senior year, well its here. 
Congratulations! We are so proud of 
who you are. a beautiful loving person 
with a great big smile and a wonderful 
heart . Keep that spirit in you honey! 
Pursue your dreams, keep dancing, 
believe in yourself and you can 
accomplish anything. 
"Be your best be yourself." 

Mom and Dad xo 

Dear Robbie, 

Congradulations! We love you 
and are very proud of you. May 
your future be blessed with 
happiness and fulfillment and 
may you always have high surf, 
great fishing and lots of ice time 
in the years ahead! 

Mom, Dad, Maggie, Tommy, 
Brigid, and Brendan 


You started life as our sweet, 
shy baby boy and you have 
grown into this wonderful, 
smart, funny, kind, and 
confident young man. You 
make us proud every day. We 
love you! 

Mom, Dad & Sabrina 


You have grown so much and 
we are very proud of you. May 
you have much happiness and 
success as you continue in life. 
Your incredible gifts, and 
tremendous work ethic will 
lead you through great 
adventures. We wish you all 
the best and love. 
Mom, Dad, Abbey & Nikki 


What a wonderful journey 
these past 17 years have been. 
To watch you grow up has truly 
been an honor. Your beauty 
and strength, your 
determination and spirit are 
unmatched. We love you and 
couldn't be prouder. 
All our love-- 
Mom, Dad, RJ, and Sam 


"You look great in red" 

Congratulations on all 

your past and future 





Your sense of humor, loyalty, kind 
heartedness, easy going nature, 
dedication, and good judgement will 
serve you well as you well as you tra 
the seas to many ports. We love to he 
your laughter and enjoy times with 
your angler friends. You are an 
awesome son and your ability to acct 
and conquer challenges has amazed 1 1 
We love you to the moon and back! 
Mom & Dad (Rufus and Bob Cat hoi 
port fans) 


We are so proud of you. 
Thank you for bringing so 
much joy into our lives. 
May the years ahead be as 
special as you are. 
We love you always. 
Mom, Dad, Patrick, and 


Congrats- you're on your way. 
You have what it takes to be 
successful. Your strength, 
determination, and resiliency 
will carry you through life's 
twists and turns. You are a great 
son, brother and friend. We love 
you and will always be here for 

Mom, Dad, Sean, Kevin, Colleen 
& Maizy 

You've swum well in a 
couple of small, but 
challenging ponds. As a 
result, you're ready for th( 
bigger ones. Dive in. 
Another few years and 
you'll be ready to kick 
shark butt. 


We are so proud of you. You 

have grown into a fine young 

man. You are very strong and 


We love you so much, 

-Mom, Dad, Marissa, Molly 

& Skip 


Where does the time go?! You 
have grown into such a warm, 
caring and very artistic young 

We are so proud of you and 
your many talents! 

Mom, Dad, Matt, Andrew and 


can't believe 1 8 years have already 
le and gone! We are so proud of 

You have become an exceptional 
ng woman who has worked so hard 
et v\here you are today. Always 
ember how much you are loved, be 
ud ot > ourseir. have fun on the way 
may all your dreams come true :) 
e you so much, 

m. Dad. Karen. John. Tom and 


You are beautiful and sincere, a 
daughter to be proud of and a 
wonderful sister and friend. Be 
happy and enjoy life. May all 
your dreams come true. 
We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Barry and Michael 

Matty - We are so proud of the 
person you have become. You 
are a unique individual smart, 
caring, and creative. Always be 
true to yourself and others. Be 
kind and work hard and you'll 
succeed at anything you 
choose. God has given you 
many talents - just don't forget 
to use them! You're the best! 
We love you. 
Mom and Dad xxooo 

Scoob ~ 

Being your mom is an absolute 
privilege. Thank you for 
sharing your art, talents, 
friends, ideas, stories, music, 
adventures, and even the duct 
tape. The future is yours to 
God bless, 

veet Catherine, 
jr youngest of four! What a 
issing to have you to 
rselves these last two years. 
)u're self-motivated, grateful, 
mpassionate and want what's 
iportant in life, 
e love you! 
om and Dad 

Dear Laura, 

When I look at this picture and 
look at you now, I am not 
surprised at the beautiful young 
woman you have become. Always 
beaming with a smile! I wish for 
you to reach the stars and always 
know you can achieve whatever 
your heart desires. 
1 love you. 


You're our 1st baby girl; our 1st 

broken bone, 1 st knocked out 

tooth, 1st stitches; but oh, the 

joy and pride! 

We can't wait to see what's 

next. Seize the day! 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Dan, Tony, Mary 
and Puck 


Congratulations! We are so 
proud of you and your 
accomplishments. We wish you 
success and happiness. Believe 
in yourself. Follow your 
dreams. Enjoy life. The future 
is yours. 

Mom, Dad and Kelly 



To my beautiful baby girl 
with the brightest smile in 
the world, you will light 
up the world with that 
smile of yours. I love you 

Mom, Dad, Joe, & Bri 


From the first moment 
you were born, you have 
exceeded our expectatioi 
of you. We expect you 
will continue to "wow" 
the world around you as 
you have us 
Love you, 

Dad, Mom & Aubrie 


You are very special! We know 
whatever you choose in life 
will be filled with laughter & 
kindness. Have fun, be safe and 
we will always be here for you. 

Mom, Dad, Sami & Felicia 


"There is no need to reach high for the 
stars. They are already within you- just 
reach deep into yourself." Anonymous 
From your earliest days you have 
delighted us with your quirky sense ot 
humor, infectious laugh, inquisitive 
mind and love of learning. Find your 
passion, follow your dreams, try new 
things and never be afraid to fail. 
Accept and embrace all of who you are. 
We love you! 

Dad, Mom, Matt and Sophie 


To our kind, beautiful and very 
funny daughter and sister, your 
sense of humor and ease in 
conversation light up every room 
you enter. You have all that it 
takes to be very successful. We 
are so proud of you. You are all 
and more than we could have 
hoped for in a daughter. 
We love you! 
Dad. Mom, Mary and Jane 


We are so proud of you. 
We will miss you so mucl'' 
but we know you will hav 
a wonderful time in 
college. Best of luck in 
everything you do. 

Mom, Dad, Cole, and 

Dear Peter, 

We wish you only the 

best. Always believe in 

yourself. You are a great 

son and we are very proud 

of you. 


Mom and Dad 

Dear Nicole, 

We are so proud of you ! 

You are an inspiration to 

us all with your strength, 

motivation and 

perseverance to always do 

your best. We love our 



Mom, Dad and Jack 



jr hopes for your future 
e surpassed only by our 
ide in your 
e love you, 
om and Dad 


You make the world a better 
place with your big heart, 
compassion and willingness to 
help all those around you. You 
have already touched so many 
lives. We are so proud of you. 
We love the Bridgeybee! 
-Mom, Dad, Sarah, Andrew & 


You have a tremendous heart 
give and care for others and 
those around you. You will do 
great things in the future. The 
world is lucky to have you! 

Mom, Dad, Michelene, and 



All your hard work has paid 

off. You have grown into a 

remarkable and wonderful 

young man. You continue to 

make us proud parents 



Mom and Dad 


herever you go and whatever 
u do, follow your patient, 
id heart and you will always 



Dm, Dad, Bryan, Cara. 
uren, and Michael 


You definitely have brought 
laughter to our family. You hold a 
very special place in all of our 
hearts. You are a very 
hardworking, caring young man. 
Continue to be yourself, never 
Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Jen, Mike, Emma, 
Maggie, Kevin, Liz. James, Amy, 
Kerry and Meghan 


I can't believe that our sweet 
baby girl is all grown up. We 
are so proud of you and your 
accomplishments. You are a 
wonderful daughter and sister. 
We love you so much. 

Mom, Dad & Matt xo 


From the first time we laid eyes 

on you, we knew you would 

make us proud. You have never 

disappointed us! You are an 

amazing young lady with an 

abundance of talents! Work 

hard, have fun, and keep 


We love you... 

Dad, Mom, Bethany & Ryan 



We are so proud of you and all of 
your hard work. The sky is the 
limit for you with your incredible 
strength, drive and determination. 
We are so blessed by your 
boundless .spirit and endless 
capacity for love and we will miss 
you so much next year! 
Love always. 
Mom and Dad 


No words can describe 
how proud we are of yoii 
Yesterday you were in 
kindergarten, tomorrow 
college. Every day in 
between has been a 
treasure. Good luck, 
Katie. You go girl. 


The time has come to set 
your sails as your own 
adventure in life begins! 
You have brought us so 
much joy watching you 
grow into the remarkable 
young woman you are! 

"Oh the places you'll go! 
You're off to Great Places! 
You're off and away! 
And will you succeed? 
Yes! You will indeed! 
(98 and 3/4 percent 
-Dr. Seuss 
We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Mark and Bella 



For the past 17 years we have 
watched you grow from the 
little red head under the table to 
the man you are today. You 
have brought us pride and joy 
in all you have accomplished. 
We wish you all of life's best. 

Mom & Dad 

We watched you grow from i 
good-natured boy into a kind 
and caring young man. We ai 
SO proud of you. Be true to 
yourself and you'll succeed ir 
everything you do. 

Mom, Dad, Kelly, Mike & 



We are so proud of you. You 
have grown to be a lovely, 
compassionate individual. 
Continue to always be happy 
and always remember how 
important you are and how 
much we love you. Love life, 

Mom, Dad, Sam, Will & Sarah 


You certainly have caused us a 
lot of gray hairs, but also made 
us laugh along the way. We hope 
you enjoy your next journey and 
may it be filled with good health, 
much happiness and endless 
love. We are proud of the young 
man you have become. 

Love always . Mom, Dad, Kara & 



earest Hannah, 

ou have wowed us with your 

larm, wit and free spirit. You 

ive taught us with your 

isdom. intuition, and love of 

e. Take it easy lemon 



lorn, Dad. Caitlin. Molly, 
has, Riley 


Congratulations! We are so 
proud of you and your 
accomplishments. We 
appreciate your hard effort in 
the many hours of sports 
entertainment. May you set 
your goals high and achieve 
happiness. Use that spunk to 
make your mark on the world. 

Mom, Dad, and Christie 


You were bom strong of mind 
and body, yet always kind and 
accommodating. You are a 
team player bringing others 
along as you stride forward. 
Celebrate the positive, look to 
the future, fulfill your dreams 
for mind, body, and spirit. 
We love you always 

"Happiness held is the seed: 
happiness shared is the flower." 
—author unknown 
"Don't aim for success if you 
want it; just do what you love 
and believe in, and it will come 
naturally. "-David Frost 
We love you Gracie girl! 
Mom, Dad, Jess, Aidan. and 

leresa Pie, 

ou make me so happy, 
;autiful. and smart. You are 
y sunshine. I couldn't have 
ished for a better daughter, 
ay true to yourself and 
;lieve in yourself like I 
;heve in you. 



Thanks for all of the joy you 
bring to our family. We love 
being with you! The family 
times together will always 
make us smile. We are proud of 
your hard work and 
accomplishments. We love you 
tons! Thanks for being you. 

Mom, Dad, Colin and Caroline 


We will always remember how 
you always brought sunshine 
wherever you were, with your 
happy smile and smiling eyes. 
The best thing about memories is 
creating them.... so we are ready 
for the next round! Wishing you 
a happy and healthy future. Good 

Your Mom and Dad 

Dear Evan: Congratulations! What a 
great accomplishment you have made. 
You have brought us so much love. joy. 
and laughter for 18 years. That laugh, 
your gentle ways, your loyalty, the way 
you have to have things "just so" (and 
you're usually right.) We so look 
forward to watching you as you follow 
your dreams. Please know we will 
always be behind you. ever so proud. 
So remember, aim high, shoot for the 
stars and always remember to wear 
your helmet. 
All our love. 

Dad, Mom, Eamon, and Alicia 



"Bui we see your true colors shining 
ihrough. We see your true colors and 
ihal's why we love you. don't be 
afraid to let them show.. .your true 
colors. ..true colors are beautiful like a 
rainbow. "-Cyndi Lauper 
May your rainbow be full of beauty, faith 
and love of family and friends. 
So proud. 

Love You for Always. ..Like You 


Mom and Dad 


You are so sweet, so nice 
and so smart, you're 
amazing just the way 
you are. 

We are so proud of you! 

Mom, Charley & 


We are so proud to have you as a son, a 
great brother to Kyle and Alyson and a 
care giver to El wood. You are kind, 
honest, determined and hard working. 
Your sense of humor and easy going 
way will take you far. Continue to 
follow your dreams and know that we 
support you in whatever you do in the 

Love, Mom, Dad, Kyle, Alyson, and 

Connor was a happy boy 
and still enjoys a good 

We are so proud of you. 
Thank you for all the joy 
you have brought us... 

Mom and Dad 

Congratulations! We are 
so proud of you and love 
you very much. Follow 
your dreams you deserve 
the best life offers. 
The Fam 


Since day one you have 
been happy and eager 
which has always been 
clearly evident in your 
amazing smile and the 
inquisitive sparkle in your 
eyes. You are our pride 
and joy! 

Brad & Krista, 
We are so proud of you. It's 
been wonderful watching you 
grow and succeed in so many 
ways. Continue to work hard 
and follow your dreams. We 
will always be here for you! 

Mom & Dad 


It seems as if only yesterday 
you were bom—our precious 
baby girl. We feel blessed to 
have watched you mature into a 
beautiful, loving, gracious 
young lady. Don't be afraid to 
reach for the stars. 

Mom & Dad 



ou have always amazed us 
ith your intelligence, passion, 
;auty. humor and true 
niqueness. We love the person 
ju have become and know 
ju will shine wherever you 

ove you. Mom and Dad 


It is with wonder and awe that we have 
watched you grow from a httle girl to an 
amazing young woman. Never lose the 
curiosity, the compassion and the drive that 
you possess, it will bring you far in your 
journey. But always remember no matter 
how far that journey brings you. you will 
always have a place at home. We love you, 
and are so proud of all that you have 
Love, Mom, Jerry & Hayley 

Dear Joe, 

Congratulations on your 
graduation. We are very 
proud of you! Good luck 
in the future ! 

Mom, Dad, Will, Brian 
and Bruin 


ou are one of our family's biggest, 
ightest, most "" treasures! 
*rincess Boofulness," with a smile 
at could light Vegas. We'd love to 
:ep you all to ourselves, but it just 
ouldn't be fair.. .We're so proud and 
ill miss you "ohsomuch!" Now, go 
low'em how it's done! 

[ummy. Daddy, Dodge & Saylor 


We are so very proud of you. 
You are an amazing young 
woman. Follow your dreams 
and whichever path you choose 
"I'll stand by you!" 
We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Paul and Jess 


Since you were young we knew you 
would be u strong, loving young man. 
You have showed us much about 
perseveruig and keeping your eyes on 
the prize graduation. We love you very 
much. Wishing you lots of happiness as 
you go on to the next chapter of your 

Mom, Dad, Jenna, Stephanie, Jonathan 


It seems just yesterday that you 
were starting Preschool and 
now you are heading off to 
college. Follow your dreams 
and passions and you will 
always be successful ! 

Mom, Dad, Jackie, Jessica 


It is said, the most beautiful 
things in the world cannot be 
seen or heard, but must be felt 
with your heart. We are so 
proud of your journey and 
accomplishments. You are full 
of life and joy. 

Mom and Dad 


Dear Richie, 

Congratulations on all your 

accomplishments, and 

especially on becoming the fme 

young man you are. 

Keep following your dreams 

and never let them go. 


Mom, Dad. Mario & Teddy 


You have grown into such a beautiful, 
intelligent, compassionate, and 
confident woman. May you always 
honor your free-spirit and be true to 
yourself. Find your passion. Rememb 
that life is just a series of choices. If 
one choice doesn't work out. make a 
new choice. Time is so precious. May 
your future be full of love, laughter, 
sunshine and rainbows. Keep smiling. 

Mom, Dad, Jake and Nate 


During the past few years, 
you've demonstrated your 
ability to make the correct 
decisions. We are proud of all 
your accomplishments and are 
confident you will have a 
successful and happy future. 

Mom & Dad 


You were beautiful then 

and more beautiful now, 

inside and out. 

We are so proud of you. 


Mom, Dad & Kevin 


We are so proud of the man 
that you have become. We love 
your infectious smile and great 
sense of humor. You will 
always be our gentle giant. 
We love you! 
Mom and Dad 



You are an amazing young woman and 
we are blessed to have you in our lives. 
Thank you for being such a wonderful 
daughter and sister. 

Follow your heart and your dreams will 
come true. Reach high, choose well and 
always make time to enjoy the time 
with those lucky enough to share your 

We love you. 
Mom, Dad and Brian 



We love you and we're 
truly proud of you. 

Dad, Mom, Oliver and 


I am so proud of you for so 
many reasons. Continue your 
compassion for others. Believe 
in yourself and what you wish 
to accoinplish. You are such a 
joy and wonderful blessing. 



)ur are our Sunshine. 
)ur kindness to others is 
jathtaking. Your dedication 
d determination in 
;omplishing your gnals is 
lazing. Be true to yourself and 
ur dreams will always come 

e love you Kellie. 

ive. Mom. Dad, Garrett and 



We are incredibly proud of 
you. Keep your light and 
continue to be true to your 
self. Remember, there will 
always be spaghetti and 
gummies for you at home. 
Congratulations & Love, 
Mom & Dad 


Congratulations to our 
Kell-doo-bo! You have 
had an amazing four years 
at NHS, we wish you 
continued success in the 
next chapter of your life! 

Mom & Dad 


What an amazing ride this 
journey of 18 years has been. We 
are incredibly proud of you and 
can't wait to see where your path 
leads you next. 
All our love. 
Mom + Dad 

ight, passionate, and creative 

u are my dear abby. 

nd, loyal and fair you make 


)u are talented and loved 
t you knew that go forth, 
ung woman and conquer the 
i verse. 


"Inside you, boy there's an old 
man sleepin', Dreamin' waitin' for 
his chance..." 

-The folks inside, Shel Silverstein 

Keep embracing the world. 

needs hugs like yours. 

Love U2M&B, 

Mom, Dad, Maeve, Saoirse 


"Upside-down trees swingin' 

Busses float and buildings 

The world-from a different 

-New World, Shel Silverstein 

Keep touching lives with your 

creative spirit. 

Love U2M&B, 

Mom, Dad, Maeve, Saoirse 


Dare to live the life you have dreamed 
for yourself Go forward and make 
your dreams come true. 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 
We are so proud of the thoughtful, fun 
loving, hardworking, and intelligent 
young man you have become. I can not 
wait to see how far your talents take 
you. We believe you, trust you. and 
most of all we love you like crazy. 
Mom, Dad. Seana and Olivia 


Best Wishes Nicholas! 

Mom and Dad 

Han y Bear: 

Always seeking, searching, and 
exploring ... your curiosity has driven 
you since you could crawl. You rise to 
meet challenges head on with courage 
and faith (like teaching yourself to ride 
a bike!) You have always delighted 
and surprise us, but most of all you 
have made us proud. YOur gentle 
spirit and kind heart will always serve 
you well. Stay true to yourself and you 
will succeed in all you do. 
With Love. 

Mom & Dad (aka JD!) 

As you make your way in the world 
always bring your individuality, sense 
of humor, and your free spirit with you. 
You have enriched our lives more than 
words can say. Thank you for your 
strength, love laughter and for always 
believing in each of us. We are proud 
of all of your achievements and excited 
about all that is ahead of you. Always 
believe in yourself, your decisions, and 
your abilities. We will always be there 
and support you. 

Mom, Dad and Tracy 




Song: Teach Me How to Pougie 
Female Artist: Nicki Minaj 
Male Artist: Wiz Khalifa ™dernihmiK ^ 
Movie: Inception va) 
TV Show: Mgdern Family 
Actor: Mark Whalberg^^ 
Actress: Na^ie Portman 

(i) (i; 

NHS Phrase: "Oop$...sahry bro! Its ^little 
tooo good how simple you are...naht" c«) 

Wrl Trend Item: Jcgglngs ® ^ m ^ 

vs) 4 (g> 

l^oy Trend It^m: Snapbacks-^ 


Who is the most 
intimidating senior boy? 

"Matt Lauria" -Paxton Colby 
"Alex Nigro" -Bethany Lynch 
"Hilson" -Aidan Roach 

Who is the most 
intimidating senior girl? 

"Caroline 3arry" -Matt Barry 
'Laura Ferzoco" -Faith Morgan 
"Averie Cox" -Remy O'Toole 

What will you miss most 
about the senior class? 

"Their enthusiasm" 
-Allie DeBenedictis 
"The sports captains" 
-Sarah Perfetuo 
re very united as a class" 
-Kellie O'Leary 

h one word, how would 
you describe Uie senior 

"Awesome" -Cam Cox 
"SocUbLe" -Pat BirminglTam 
"Hawt ;)" -Tim Mahoney 

OASS OF 20 1 I .„WH€ll€ 00 YOU 

Jving in an extra lar^e 
tent in Canada." 
-Harry Petwiler 


" Married to DLU, 
living large in the bing" 
- Molly Cox 

'Tm going to be blind 
in 10 years sp I won't 
be able to see myself." 
-Corbin Foucart 

Vlarried to Nick 

Chloe Coggins 

The goverhweht 
ivoH't allow me 
\o disclose this." 
-John Finnigan 

(Running Lodigiani Child Care 
Center" - Anonymou/... 

"Not here..." 
-Chappie Scheller 


" I O year Yeariori. 

ztnc Kuehn 

"Married to some guy with a huge trust fund 
living the dream on St. Thomas island with a 
bunch of lizards and a turtle and a few kids." 
-Grace Wallace 

"Working as the president 
of IBM, and being a 
father to Stacy Lahiff " 
- Brian Lahiff 

Ten years from novi/ 1 see myself 
chfllen on a beach vi/fth dreads and 
a goate ;3 cNdd/n...."^ Matt Drum 


hk^^t Me In TKe Center 




South Shore 

Atlantic Advisers 

Mary E. Montanari 

CFP - I 

Thomas J. Walsh, Jr., P.C 


i I* 


Senior Superlatives 

tr Superlatives 


Senior Superlatives 

ir Superlatives 

Senior Superlatives 


kr Superlatives 

Senior Superlatives 










A Night in the Spotlight 


Brooke Alexandra Alman 

Brock, Booky, CaliBa 

basketball 1-4, Soccer 1-4, National 
Honor Society 3-4, Peer Ed 1-4 

riiiii' flics, lime wails for no man. liiiw liccils all 
\niiiuls. all any aj lis wani is marc lime, lime la 
sland up. lime to i;raw up. lime la inavc an" 
-Grey's Aiialoniy 

iist want to thank my family for always 
•ing there. Mom and Dad- for your 
kIIcss love and support and pushing me 
become the best person I can be. Ash- 
u only the best sister, but a great friend, 
oil have shown me the way and will 
w ays be my role model. I love you three 
iconditionally. To all my girls and guys- 
>u're really amazing and I will never 
)rgct the laughs and memories we have 
larcd. Thanks for making high school 
• nforgettable. To the soccer and 
i asketball girls- I'll miss you and good 
ick next year! Thanks to all my teachers 
^ nd coaches for the motivation and 
f .ipport these last few years. Mike- for 
- aving the biggest heart I know and 
' Iways making me smile. ..see you in 
'cgas? To the class of 201 I as a whole I 
ish you the best of luck! 

"If yon w anI a rainbow, yon f;olla pnl np wilh llie 
rain. " 
-Dally I'arlon 

Chandler Marie Anthony 

Chan, Chandy 

Chorus 1-4, GSA 2-4, Amnesty 3-4, 
Drama 2-4, Decibelles 3-4, Mock 
Trial 1-2 Drama 

First off, I would like to thank my Mom 
and Dad for supporting me in everything 
I do. You have certainly put up with a lot, 
I love you. Mike thanks for being the 
brother and the nicest person that I know. 
You've been so patient with me 
throughout my whole life, and I can't 
thank you enough. Cara, I've known you 
since the first grade and I'll always love 
you. You'll always be my 'Wawa'! Sarah, 
we've been through a lot together and I 
know we will stay friends forever. 
McGowan- you crack me up everyday. 
Thanks for almost killing me in the Audi- 
you're a good buddy. EmFitz- we've had 
some good times. ..Lee Dewyze and the 
office foreva! Grace, we've been 
scheming since frosh year, love ya girl! I 
respect the hacks. For everyone else, 
thanks for making the best four years of 
my life. I am so lucky to have been 
surrounded by the most amazing people. 
Good luck to the class of 2011!!! 

" If you want la .v//ig out. .s7'/(,i; (ml. And if you wani 
la he free, he free. 'Cciiiae there's a million lhin{>s 
la he. you know what they are. " 

First ol' nil. I want to thank my mom and dad. 
Thanks I'or putting up with nic lor all ol these years. 
I obviously can't talk about all of the things you've 
done for me here because it would lake forever. 
Basically, thanks just for everything you've done 
for me. ..given me rides, made special dinners, let 
me live in your house. ..I'm happy you don't make 
me live on the street. I really, truly appreciate all 
you've done for me all of these years and I hope 
you know that. Love you tons! Kendall, you're my 
favorite little sister I've ever had and you're going 
to do great things in middle school. I love you! 
Also to all of my teachers for being so patient when 
asked too many t|ueslions. and possibly bothering 
you without knowing it. Many of you have made 
my years at this school really awesome and 
memorable, and I thank you for that. My friends: 
You have inade my life so special, you probably 
don't even know. I'll never forget the Magic beads. 
The Wall of Rage, brackish sail water, hair dye, 
Susan B. Anthony. Ouija boarding. Fear Net. 
Singing like Fat Ladies. Macy Gray. Larry the 
Cable Guy. swimming with bananas, throwing 
shoes in .lacob's Pond, sausage, how to be stylish. 
Thanks just for being the best people ever and for 
being you. I love you all so much and always will. 
Lastly, good luck to theClass of 201 I and Congrats 
to everyone, because we did it and that rocks. 

Kimberly Jean Baranowski 

Kim, Kimmie, Kimbar 

Swimming l-4( co-captain). Cross 
Country 1, Amnesty 3-4 

"/ hclicvc in pink. I lu-licvi- lluil Itniiihina is ihc 
ht'M caloric burner. I hclicvc in kis.\inn. ki.\.sini> a 

lot. I hclicvc in /x'/zi.i; \lr<mi; when everything 
seems lo he aoini- wroni; .seems to he ^oin)i wronn. 
I hclicvc that the hoppicsl nirls arc the prettiest 
fiirls. I believe tomorrow is another day anil I 
hclicvc in miracles. " 
-Audrey Hcphiirn 

The four years really did go by fast! It 
seems like we were freshmen yesterday. 
Thank you first to my mom and dad for 
always believing I can do anything I want, 
and for always believing 1 can succeed in 
anything I do. Your support has been 
everything. Thank for Ania, for being like 
my second mom all those years. Thank 
you to all of my friends and all of the fun 
times that we've had. You guys have 
meant the world to me and I'll always 
remember all of the fun times we had 
together. Alexa, thanks for being my best 
friend these past four years. Love ya girly. 
Thanks to everyone on swim team, every 
season was awesome and I'm really going 
tomissallofyou.Goodluckclassof201 1 ! 



Caroline Thatcher Barry 

Ctbarry, Cbombs, Thach 

Decibelles 1-4, Field Hockey 2-4, 
Lacrosse 1-4, Peer Ed 3-4, National 
Honor Society 3-4 

" Celebrate we will, hccaiise life is short hut 
sweet for certain. " -Dave Matthews Hand 

To my Mom and Dad, thank you for 
everything that you have done for me. You 
have always been there for me to lean on, 
and I would not be the person I am today 
without you two. Thank you for being the 
most considerate and selfless parents 1 
could ever ask for. Matty B, the past two 
years of high school together have been a 
real bonding experience. Thanks for the 
laughs and for keeping me company on 
rides to and from school. Live it up while 
you can! You have no idea how fast each 
day will fly by. Thanks you to my teachers 
and coaches for believing in me and 
helping me make it through the past four 
years. Last but not least, thank you to all 
of my girls and guys. 1 love you all more 
than you'll ever know. The endless laughs 
we've shared and the memories we've 
created have made this the best high 
school experience I could ever ask for. 
There was truly never a dull moment. 
Thank you for always being there for me. 
And by the way, thanks for the invite to 
that 7th grade dance. Things just wouldn't 
have been the same without you all. 
Congrats, we made it! 

Oliver Benjamin Bates 

O, OBB, Peps lol ^ 
Soccer 1-2, Wrestling 4, JS A 1-2 

"Do not follow where the path may lead f;ii. 
instead, where there is no path and leave a Irai 
■ Ralph Waldo En\crs<m 

Thank you mom. dad, and Nathaniel 
all your support and love. Thank youi 
my friends for all the good times by i 
pool, bridge jumping, and just hangi 
out. We have had a lot of laughs! Than 
to all my teachers who have taught nic 
work hard and that I will succeed. Go 
luck to the class of 201 1 wherever li 
takes you and remember ti) be happy a 
always have fun! 

^ ^ M 


''!" "/ ,i;i«'.v,s ///(' hc'sl I ( (lit do now is lo prewinl lluil 
iiUu ivc done nolhinfi n ronf>. and lo dream ahoni a 
train lhal's f;onna lake nw Inick lo where I 
helon^i. " 
- Conor Ol^ersl 


!* iist ofall, I need to thank my exceptional 
I") ' gat hers who have helped me grow as both 
student and a person. Mr. Pap, you've 
ccn my advisor and teacher tor four years 
nd helped me become a better artist. To 
C>'iy IVicnds, thank you for making high 
ffi jhool a more enjoyable place. Emma, I 
P)''i)uldn't have done this without you: 
(Hi're my rock. Elaine, we are friends, 
"hank you to my brother, Lee, who has 
haped me into the little indie kid I am 
iday. You've intluenced my taste in style, 
iiisic. and humor. HUGE thanks to my 
.loni and Dad. You've dealt with my 
iisanity for far too long so look forward 
,) sending me off to college. I will make 
(HI proud of your girl. And you know 
\liat'.' Thank you to myself, since I did a 
Dt of hard work over the years and deserve 
ome recognition! Dear Self, you rule! 

Jenna Elizabeth Berg 

Cheerleading 1-4 (Captain) 

These four years have been unforgettable. 
I want to thank my parents for supporting 
me through everything and always 
pushing me to do my best. Jackie, you 
were always there for me when I needed 
you. To Katie and VyVy, I couldn't have 
done this without you two. Thank you for 
all the memories and laughs. To all the 
cheerleading girls, you guys are my 
second family and I'm going to miss all of 
you, good luck! And to the class of 201 1, 
it has been a crazy four years at Norwell 
High School and I wouldn't change 
anything. Congratulations and good luck! 

Brett Robert Bernard 

Beans, Bern 

Football 1-4, JSA 1-4, Peer Ed 3-4 

To my family, thank you so much for all 
the support you have given me over the 
years. You guys have always been there 
for me through the good and the bad. I 
know that everything that you do is for my 
benefit and for that I am extremely 
grateful. I would also like to thank all my 
teachers; your work and encouragement 
have helped to form me into the student 
and person I am today. Finally, I would 
like to say thanks to all my friends who 
have made high school amazing. From 
football games to fishing trips and just 
hanging out on weekend nights it has been 
a great time. Good luck class of '1 1 it has 
been fun. 

Michael John Bevilacqua 

Mi key 

Soccer 2-4, Basketball 1-2, 
Baseball 1-2 

"/ clim't run hecitusv I .i;<7 lirccl. and I don't I if I 
\\ri)>lils bcconsc llwy'ic heavy." 
-Charles Rarkley 

Thank you Mom and Dad for always being 
there tor me and supporting me in 
whatever I do. Without you I would not 
be the same person that I am today. Thanks 
Liz for being a great older sister and 
always having my back. Thank you to all 
my teachers and coaches who have helped 
me through these last four years. 

1 ^ 

Myles Daniel Blakeslee 

The Real MB. Smiles. 8Myle. Blake, 
The X Factor 
Golf 2-4, Spring Track 3-4, JSA 1-4 

"/ mean you can hale on me all you want to. hul 
w hat can you possibly say lo someone who looks 
like Kainho pretty much w ith his shirt off. " -Mike 
"The Siluati(m " Sorreiitino 

Wow. it's been a long but fast ride. First I'd like 
to say thank you and congratulations to the 
class of 201 1 . Its been a fun trip and I'm glad 
I got to spend it with you guys. Next, I'd like 
to thank my Mom and Dad for all the help and 
support throughout the tears. Rob, thanks for 
being a great younger bro. you've always been 
there to hang with me. Thank you to all my 
teachers, but especially Mr. Jacobs, Ms. Criss, 
and Mrs. Sulc for helping me a long the way. 
Mr. G. thanks for being a great teacher, friend 
and always putting up with me for the last four 
years. Lastly, thanks too all my friends: Ryan, 
Liam. Garvey, Harry, Mikey, McTigue. 
Bernard, and Oliver. As well as others I may 
have forgotten. It's been so fun hanging out 
with you guys along the way and it shall 
continue. Thank you to TK for putting up a 
decent fight against my run for the trophy. It 
was respectable. Thanks to the Golf Team for 
making my senior season a blast. Jack you 
better be killing it at number one for the next 
three. To my friends graduating next year I 
hope you have an awesome senior year. Don't 
worry we'll keep in touch. The class of 201 1 
has given me 1.1 years of memories that I will 
never forget and hopefully they won't stop 
here, Congrats to everyone, we did it! Good 

Olivia Rose Bourque ' 

Liv, Livski. Olive Tree, Veegs 

Field Hockey 1-3, Track 1-2, XC 41 
Art Club 2-4, Environment Club !-■ 

"Live as if you were to die tonuirrow. Leani as 
you were lo live forever." -Gandlii 
First, I would like to thank my family. Mon 
Dad- 1 appreciate everything you have done 
me through the years. Thank you 
supporting me in every decision I have m; 
and accepting me for who I am. Alex- You h.i 
been an ama/ing brother and I will alw., 
remember all the fun experiences we have I 
together, even if you are the favorite :). 
Thanks for always being the big brother ; 
by looking out for me. You have taught 
many life lessons that I will cherish in the n 
future. As for all my friends , you guys h; 
made this last four years fly by. I will nc 
forget all the ama/ing times we've li 
NEIGHBS- You guys have been there for 
for as long as I can remember. Molly- I v 
miss out cra/y car rides lo school and lale-ni,: 
house raids. You have always made thii 
interesting and I'm so happy we got to fin 
high school together. Hannah- Thanks 
keeping me focused when I've needed to 
and distracting me when we just didn't feel I 
working. 1 can always count on you to ch' 
me up. Lauren- You have always been , 
incredible friend and I know I can turn to y. 
whenever I need to talk. You are one of ' 
nicest people I know, and probably the b» 
singer out there. Kelly- You know I love y; 
even though you are often too busy playi) 
Softball or being with your other frienj 
Seeing you always brightens my day 


ling I 


^ Michaela Rose Bucca 

Mickey. Mousey 

Ski Team 2-4, Environmental Club 
2-4, GSA 3-4, Yearbook 2 

"SiUiuliom an- ii rclevwit now " 
■Escape the Full- and Marina Ciihi-llis 
"I hope you never fear those mountains in the 
-Lee Ann Woniack and Coach Grant 

So it's finally my time how can I be so 
scared and so happy at the same time. 
Thank you to my older cousins Justin and 
Jill for welcoming me into your school and 
Jessie enjoy the rest of high school. Now 
to thank my second family the Rose family 
Marina thanks for always answering your 
phone no matter what time it was and Jill 
thanks for always being around and to 
both of you thanks for an awesome junior 
year. To the "everyone inbox" thanks 
everyone for being there for me, I'm glad 
I had you girls to go through high school 
with. Boyeryou were an amazing teacher 
and I'm not mad at you for kicking me out 
of skills. I realize you were just trying to 
help me get ready for college. Good luck 
to the class of 201 1 and thanks Norwell 
for a great four years. 

Brendan Matthew Byrnes 

Byrnes. Byrnesy 

Hockey 1-4 

"Y(m miss l(HW( of the shots you never take. " 
- Wayne Crelzky 

First I would like to thank my parents for 
supporting me in everything I've done 
from elementary school all the way 
through high school. I wouldn;t have been 
able to do it without you. Patrick and 
Ryan- Thank you for being such good 
older brothers, and good luck with the next 
few years of college. Nolan- Thank you 
for being such a good little brother. Good 
luck with all your coming sports seasons 
and have fun in middle school. Thank you 
to Ms. Schad for helping me with all my 
work throughout my high school career. 1 
would also like to thank all my hockey 
coaches and especially my teammates for 
making all the seasons so much more 
enjoyable. Lastly, I'd like to thank all my 
friends for all the good times we have had 
over the last few years. 


Zachary Alan Castro Cadmai 

Band 1-4, Pep Band 1-4, Jazz 3-4, | 
Amnesty 2 

"Just because I can't chani-e everylliiuf;. doesi, 
mean I slunildii't try to cluniiic (Uiylhiui; at all' 
-Tim Mcllrath , 

First of all, thank you to all of my past ;i 
present teachers, whether I have been ^ 
seven of your classes or just one; for y* 
have all helped me prepare for the fiiti 
in one way or another. And thank you, 
the rest of the NHS faculty, from tl 
cafeteria workers who gave me lun 
almost everyday, to the custodians wh( 
I frequently bothered whenever I need, 
to get something from a locked roo 
Thank you to my parents, my family, a 
my girlfriend for helping me, support! 
me, and putting up with me especia 
through my high school years. And 
course, the last four years would not ha 
been the same without my friends, 
thank you all. For all of my young 
friends, enjoy the rest of high school wh » 
you can. And lastly, good luck to the NH 
bands; I will be visiting you at concerts, 
the future. I 

1 P' I 

I — 

Robert Mathew Carey 

Stubbs. Bear. Robbob 

I would like to start off by thanking my 
Mom. Ashley, and Mike for helping me 
through the past 1 8 years. I would also like 
to thank all of my friends especially Alex 
Nigro and Alex Clement, and the Crew. 
Love you boys and thanks for everything. 
Herm. Mr. Marani. Mrs. Ward, and Miss 
Criss you have been such a big help in my 
four years at the high school, thanks so 
much. To my boys with trucks, keep the 
horsepower high and the torque even 
higher. And finally, Steph thank you so 
much for helping me through the last 2 
years your the best! 

Football 1, Cross Country 4, 
Swimming 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4, Surf 
Club 1-4, Snowboard Club 1-3, Best 
Buddies 1-2, Invisible Children 2-4, 
JSA 3-4, Environmental Club 3-4, 
Volunteer Corps 4 

" Mctke jokes. No Stress. Love. Live life. 
Proceed. Pros^ress. " 
-Lit Wayne 

First I want to thank my parents for always 
supporting me throughout high school. I 
couldn't have done it without you and I love 
you guys. Zack, try hard in school and let the 
for rage, don't let mom cut it she's just jealous. 
I want to thank my friends for always being 
there for me Sheamus. Pax. Chris. Mk. Grace. 
DiMar. Megan. Ave. Chloe. Morgan, Grace 
W, HD. Bob Hynes. Mike Day. don't have 
enough room for the rest but you know who 
you are you guys are the best. And thanks to 
all my teachers and coaches especially Ms. Mr. Marani. Mr. G. Mr. Willis. Ms. 
Ward. Ms. Fox. Ms. Schad. Mr. Nottingham, 
and Mr. Pap. ..stay stoked Moondog. I want to 
thank Lee and Gilmar for keeping me fed 
throughout high school and lastly I'd like to 
thank my orthodontist for finally deciding to 
take my braces off.. .thanks everyone good luck 
Classof 201 I!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Best Buddies 1-4, Swimming 1-4, 

International Club 4 ■ 

"ll's a mistake to tliiiik tliat once you're done 
willi scliool yon need never learn anylliiiif; iie\ 

-Sophia Loren ^ 

"As we speed aloni- tliis endless road to the 
destination called who we hope to he. I can', 
help hnt whine. 'Are we there yet'.'' " 
-Carrie Bradshaw 


Congratulations everyone-we did it! Fir 
off, thank you Mom. Hannah and Rebec ' 
for always being there. Thank you ^ 
Grandma and Grampie for all the supp( ' 
you've given. Love you all. To tl 
teachers- thank you for all your help. Ai ( 
to all my friends who made the classes I i 
by, thank you. Rebeccs, good luck in hi;, s 
school and good luck class of 201 1 ! - 

-7* i 

■""o Samantha Lynn Casey 

Sam. DJ. Sammy. Star Babe. Sarah 

■Hl-i ioccer 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4, Gymnastics 
)4 2-4, Bowling Club 3-4, Invisible 
Children 2-4, 
Norwell Volunteer Corp. 4 

I he i>mil('sl pIcaMirc in life is doiiii; wluil people 
say cannot do. " 
- Annoynioiis 
'"■ "it's all i-ood hah\ hain " 

si olT. 1 WDuld like to thank my parents for 
JiJi|ip vays being there no matter what. Mom 
inks for everything and always making me 
lyh. Dad, thanks for all your love and 
, ■ pport. Sean, the best brother I could ever ask 
^' r. thanks tor everything and always watching 
■ y back. Emily, my other half, thanks for 
'"''P ■ ivays being there for me if it wasn't for you 
t'l** dont' know where I'd be now. I couldn't 
liink lagine high school without you. Tay and 
Oil' thanks for everything I couldn't ask h)r 

() better friends than you guys. Ryan, you're 
ways there for me what I need you the most 
id you can always put a smile on my face. 
Irs. Boyer thanks for being my mom away 
oni home. Mr. Sullivan thanks for always 
-•ing able to brighten my day. Period 7 skills, 
iich love. Sarah crew, randomest crew - 1 love 
)u guys! Soccah ladies stay tly. Nasties big 
rls "yeah ladie//!" To my underclassmen, 
ijoy the rest of high school it Hies by. Class 
til- it's been real and unforuettable. PEACE 

Megan Jean Cavano 

Meg, Megs, Megatron 

Swimming 1-4, Field Hockey 1-2, 
Field Hockey Manager 3-4, National 
Honors Society 3-4, Invisible 
Children 2-4 

First off, I'd like to thank my family for 
always supporting me. Mom and Dad- 
you've always been there for me and have 
made me a better person. And. 
Christopher, although we made arguing a 
habit when we were younger, you've 
always looked out for me. I couldn't have 
asked for a better brother. Also. I'd like to 
thank all of my friends for always making 
me laugh no matter what. I'd especially 
thank MaryKate and Grace for always 
giving me great advice and providing me 
with a .second (and third) home. I couldn't 
have gotten through high school without 
you two. Thanks to all my teachers and 
coaches for guiding me through the past 
four years. And. of course, thank you 
Geoff for the past six years of not only 
helping me with schoolwork but with life 
lessons as well. Good luck at college 

Adrian Adon Chavez 

Chives. Chavez 

Football 1-4, Wrestling 1, 
Baseball 1, Track 3-4 

"Eal your w licatics. " 

I wanna thank my mom and dad for 
sticking with me through all my years in 
high school. They have stood by me 
through the good and bad and showed me 
the reality of the world. 1 want to say thank 
you to all my teachers for guiding me and 
teaching me all 1 know. Last but not least, 
tny friends. All the people who made me 
laugh and be happy with 1 wanna say thank 
you. To end my thank you's I want to 
remind everybody who 1 was freshman 
year... A memory I will never forget is 
when 1 danced in the cafeteria in front of 

Wilton Alexander Childs 

Cross Country 1-4, Track and Field 

Thank you. for all the memories. 
Remember when Marani burnt his 
popcorn after taunting us with it? Or 

when we went to remove air 
conditioning units from the Knoll and 
arrived a half hour late? Or journeying 
to Taunton and back with friends? 

Elizabeth Maria Cipriano 

Liz, Lcip. Big, The Boss 
Lacrosse 1-2, Invisible Children 2-4, 
Yearbooli 4 

"Somestimes we need to stop aimlyz.iii^ the 
past, stop pUiiiiiiii!^ the fiiliire. stop fifiiifiiig 
out precisely how we feel, stop decidiiisi 
e.uictly what we want and just see what 
happens " 
- Se.\ and the City 

Mom and Dad-Thank you for everything I 
wouldn't be the person I am today without ail 
of your love and support. Em and Tiny-I 
couldn't ask for better sisters/best friends. I am 
going to miss you guys so much, thanks for all 
of the laughs, hours spent watching our shows, 
and most of all the endless games of "office" 
with bailey, bunny, and mr.pig. I love you both. 
My girls-from "the frosh bid" to senior girls 
we have lived the good life all of our cra/y 
times, I wouldn't change a thing! I love you 
guys, boys- oh the laughs we've shared, thanks 
for always being down to have fun. Shann- 
since kindergarten "dude" what would I do 
without you? Thanks for being my best friend 
and for putting up with all of my anxieties 
along the way! I love you "mom and miss" for 
life. My soph girls-I love you all thanks for 
always helping me pick out my outfits, have 
fun make me proud. Will- thank you so much 
for everything over the past 3 years, from the 
highs to the lows I know you will always be 
there for me making me laugh, p. i.e. "chuck 
and blair" forever. To the Class of 201 1, we 
have made our mark at NHS! Lataaa bros 

Alexander William Clement I 

Aclem, Juice 

Hockey 1-4 

"Don't criticize nluil xou cim'l iiiidcrsland. 
- Boll Dylan 
"Experincc is lijc'\ iillinialc icadlicr" 

"ll's only CIS i^ood as the people there" 

I'd like to thank my Mom, Dad and Kay 
for always being there. Thanks to Ada 
for everything you've done. I'd also lil 
to thank Alex. Robbie, Connor, Mik 
Chris, NWP. and all my friends who a, 
in college. 


Chloe Laine Coggins 

Sho. Cloatia 

Field Hockey 1-4, Lacrosse 1-3 

wouldn't have been able to graduate 
ithout the help of niy parents. Thank you 
lys so much! Mom, thanks for making 

laugh on a daily basis and Dad thanks 
r everything you do. Boys good luck 
ithout me. I am sure you guys will keep 
e house well under control w ithout my 
;lp. Enjoy school while you can. Tim. 
ily 7 years left and Ethan, just nine... 
OOD LUCK! Now for my friends, 
lorgan thank you so much for literately 
.erything. Julia you are the reason I am 
ill taking Latin. Kelly and Laura. Thanks 
n still loving the Jonas Brothers w ith me. 
rcakfast club '09 good times. Fockey 
iris '10 unforgettable. Low you all. 
lood luck to everyone in the class of 

01 I. 

Lauren Catherine Connaughton 

LC. Lala 

Swim Team 1-4, Band 1-4, Amnesty 
International 3-4 

"The iliiii;^ uboiil doesn't mallei- where 
ihey're iioiii;-;. Whiil mallei s is ileciiliiii; ic i;el on. " 
- The Polar Express 

First. I would like to thank my parents. 
Mom and Dad. I love you so much, you 
do so much for me. I can't thank you 
enough. Thanks to the rest of my family, 
you are crazy and I love it. I couldn't ask 
for a better family. As for my friends. 
Kim. you're like a sister to me and I'm so 
happy about it. your're a great friend. 
Kelsey. we've has some great times over 
the years that I'll never forget: you can 
always make me laugh. Frank, you have 
made these past couple of years so much 
easier and so much fun: thanks for always 
listening and having my back. Thanks 
also to the rest of my friends, you guys are 
are the best. I am so happy I got to spend 
the past four year (or more) with you. As 
for my underclassmen friends, your are 
all so great and 1 am so glad I met you! 
Enjoy the rest of high school - time goes 
by so fast. Good luck to all of you. I know 
you'll do great in whatever you do. I love 
you guys. Class of 2011 


Averie Louise Cox 

Ave. A 

Soccer 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4, Basketball 
1-2, Winter Track 3-4 

"So walk a little slower and open up your eyes, 
sometimes it's so hard to see the }i<iod ihinf-s 
passins; hv. " - Hilary Dnff 

A huge thanks to Dad & Mom for opening 
my eyes to the love and encouragement 
you give me through my life. Though I 
may not always seem grateful. I wouldn't 
be where I am without you. My brothers- 
I appreciate you always being there for 
me: Owen- I'm thankful for how close we 
got the past years, it would've been much 
harder without you leading the way, 
thanks: and Cammy- you're still learning 
but only 3 years left. Trust me it goes by 
fast., take in each moment, and don't 
worry you'll be able to beat me up some 
day. Give it a year but until then it's my 
turn, good luck with the rest of high 
.school! All my teachers/coaches- Thanks 
for the support throughout the past years. 
Boyer - Thank you for helping me do my 
best. All my friends- thanks for crazy 
memories and for making high school 
unforgettable. Di mar/Martha/Julia- 
Thanks for listening, I can always count 
on you for advice, you'll always be my best 
friends. Matt- Thanks for being able to 
make me smile. Youth Group- Thanks for 
everything, I'll miss you all. Good luck to 
the class of 201 1 ! I'll see you guys soon! 

Molly Erin Cox 

Lilcoxballa, Cox 
Invisible Children 2-4, Soccer 1-2, 
Field Hockey 3-4, Lacrosse 1-4 

"Stay far from liiiiUI. only make moves when your 
hearts in it, and live the phrase Sky's the limit" 
- Notorious B.I.G 

Mom and Dad you guys make everyday 
so much tun thanks for all of the love, 
laughs, and for giving me that extra boost 
of confidence whenever I needed it. Kate 
thanks for always being there for me and 
for all the great advice, Paul your the best 
big bro in law. Bee I can always count on 
you for anything. Sa my wingman nobody 
makes me laugh more than you do crazy 
kitty. Lucy you'll be my little buddha baby 
forever! Gus can't say enough love u 
puppy. To my girls and guys you made 
high school ridiculously fun couldn't have 
asked for a better crew. My girls love you 
all so happy smacckk and notorious came 
together as one the laughs never stop. 
Alliance love you kp Id since the 90's. 
Kelly thanks for being the best friend I 
could ever have you are an unbelievably 
fun sidekick ayudar! ayudar! Pick n tlick 
hit my forehead. Ms. Rheault thanks for 
putting up with me all these years love ya. 
Mr.Paine thanks for everything your the 
best! My lady laxers I love you all keep 
up the good work and whoever rocks #2, 
wear it well, SEEEE YUHH 

Christian Patrick Cunniff 

Golf 1-2 

Thank you. 

Nicholas Joseph Daley 

Dup, Daley, Uncman. Vinnie, Dak- 
Football 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4, Winter A 
Track 1, Peer Ed 3-4, NHS 3-4, Best li 
Buddies 1-4, JSA 4, 

"Never lookinfi Inuk or loo jar in front o/ inc. llit 
present is a i-iji and I just wanna lie. " 

- Common \ 

First I would like to thank my parent ] 
Mom, your guidance and support i 
everything I do is ama/.ing and I couklrJ 
ask for anything more. Dad, thank you ft j , 
all your advice and your great sense (I jj 
humor that never gets old. I would not |- ij 
the person I am today without you guys. 
love you both. Rich thank you for beingi ^ 
great big brother and friend. Thanks lo il 
crew for all the unforgettable times o\i 
the years. There has been so many and,. .j| 
am looking forward to plenty more. Yo , 
guys are great friends and will always h j, 
my bros. Alicia, thank you for alwayi ^ 
being there for me. To all my teachers ai^ 
coaches, thanks for helping me out am 
pushing me throughout high schooi 
Finally, to the class of '11, thanks for ai 
the great memories, best of kick and has 


Jacquelyn Rose Daniel 

Jackie. Jack, Lil' Jackie. JackJack 

"ield Hockey 1-4, JSA 1-4, Amnesty 
1-2, Art Club 3, National Honors 
Society 4 

Vc u rilc ihwn a hiiiicli of words ami pray lo 
•(•(I they nuikc scii.m'. Anil ij lliey tloii 'l it diicsii 'l 
imiilcr. w e're arlisis" 
- HIiiik IN2 

Yon have a brain in your head, you have feel in 
(inr shoes. You ean sleer yourself any direelion 
yon ehoose. " 
- Dr.Seiiss 

hank you Mom and Dad for always being 
ere to love and support me through it all 
id for making me the person I am today, 
love you, Alyse, for being the best big 
ster and role model I could ever ask for. 
hank you to all my ama/ing friends, new 
id old. for making my years before, at 
id beyond NHS so memorable. Finally, 
would like to thank all of my teachers for 
lotivating me and paving the way for my 
iture. It's been a fun four years and I can't 
clieve how fast the tlew by. Congrats to 
le class 201 1! 




Alexa Collette Daniels 

Cross Country 1-3, Softball 1, Math 
Team 3-4 

"/.;/(' is full oj beauty. Notiee it. Notiee it. Notiee 
the bumble bee. the small child, and the sinilinf; 
faces. Snu-ll the nan. ami feel the wind. Live your 
life to the fullest I'otentiul. and fiiiht for your 
dreiuns. " - Ashley Smith 

There are so many ama/ing people in my life 
I owe a thank you to: so many that have touched 
ni\ life in unexpected ways. First and foremost, 
thank you for everything Mom and Dad. I 
would never he the person I am ti)day without 
both of you I literally can't even begin to put 
down on this paper the ways you have helped, 
encouraged and supported me all these years. 
Nick and Erica. I've watched you grow all my 
life, and I know you're both going to do great 
things. You four ( and Trixie. of course) are 
the best family I could ask for: I love you all 
more than you know . Grace and Morgan, thank 
you girlies so much for all the laughs and 
memories: I can't imagine life separate from 
either of you! BFFL.S! (Jk. but not) Alyssa. 
Taylor and Li v. thank you lor all the childhood, 
present, and future memories. You guys are 
like sisters to me and life on Centennial was 
the best. Thanks Cam. Kaytie. Ken/: i love you 
darlings. Thank you to all of my teachers who 
have helped me to get where I am today, you 
are all incredible people and are at what you 
do. And thank you to anyone else that has 
touched my life in small ways as well as those 
whom I have faded away from. Best of Luck 
201 1. I'll miss you guys! 

Michael Stevens Day 

Mike, Gadget. Stretch, String Bean 

Cross Country 1-4 (capt.). Basketball 1, 
Swimming 2-4, Spring Track 1-4, Latin 
Club 1-4, Chess Club 2-4, NHS 3-4, 
Peer Ed. 3-4, Volunteer Corps. 4 

"Nobody fioes there anymore. It's loo crowded. " 
- Yofii Herra 

"ll is our choices that show whal we truly are, far 
more than our abilities. " 
- Alhus Dunibledi)re 

I would first like to thank my brothers, John 
and Rory who have always been there for 
me when I needed them. Thank you to all 
the teachers I had at NHS for helping me 
get through these past four years and 
helping me prepare for college. Lastly I 
wtiuld like to thank my friends. Thank you 
to Nate, Shane, Sheamus, Corbin, Evan, 
John, Kevin and Steve for making these 
four years at NHS great. Good Luck class 
of 201 1. 

^^^^^^^^ ^^^^1 

Brian Robert DeLugan 

DeLugan. Baby Squirrel, Beluga 

Spring Track & Field 1-3 

"The question is not how fur. The qtiesiion is, do 
you posses the constilution. the tieplh of faith, to 
f>o as far as is needed'.'" 
■Billy Connolly. The Boondock S(unls 

I would like to start by thanking my mom 
and dad for giving me so much love and 
support throughout my years in high 
school. I would also like to thank my 
sister. Carly. for never asking me to buy 
her coffee every morning and my brother. 
Chris, for always helping me with math 
and science homework. Most of all. I 
would like to thank my older sister. 
Shawna, for always looking out for me and 
for being the most supportive and loving 
person in my life. Thanks to all my friends 
for giving me so many good memories. 
And thank you Daiscy for always being 
there for me. You're the best. I love you. 
Good luck to all my friends in your col lege 

Alexandra Lynn DeMarco 

Lexi, Xan 

Lacrosse 1-4, Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1, 
Invisible Children 1-4, Peer Ed 3-4, 
National Honor Society 3-4 

"/ liojic yon never look hack hut yon never fortiet. 
all the ones who loved yon and the place yini left" 
-Rascal h'lalls 

Thanks to my parents- you guys have 
helped me through everything, always 
caring and pushing me to do my best, 1 
love you guys. Danielle- thanks foral ways 
putting up with me and being my role 
model and my best friend. Can't wait to 
spend the next 2 years with you! Haley & 
Tessa- we have never lived more than 2 
houses apart, I don't know what 1 am going 
to do without you guys, I know I can count 
on you 2 for anything. Tim- thanks for 
your love and support these past few years, 
always making me smile, I don't know 
where 1 would be without you. Alliance- 
we have stayed strong for 1 8 years now, 
lets keep it going. All my friends- thank 
you so much for the countless laughs & 
memories I'll never forget. I love you all, 
we finally made it! Lastly thanks to all my 
teachers and coaches who helped me 
along the way. Good luck Norwell lax & 
soccer. Latah kids! 

> #^ T 

Ailish Rose Dennigan 

Field Hockey 2-4 (capt.), Winter 
Track 2-4 (capt.). Lacrosse 1-4, Peen 
Ed 3-4, National Honor Society 3-4 | 

My biggest thank you goes to my mom 
and dad. Mom- I've learned so much froii 
you and couldn't have asked for moi* 
support. Dad- I really cannot thank yoi 
enough for all you do for me. I appreciate 
and love you both so much. To Liani( 
you're and awesome brother who cat 
almost always make me laugh. Thanks lo 
the talks and the jokes and for you 
generosity. To Maeve- my roommali. 
you're my best friend and thanks fo 
always being there for me throui;! 
everything. I love you. Sushi- you ha\' 
awhile to go, but enjoy it. 1 don't tell yoi 
enough what a great sister you are an< 
what a good job you do as the caboose. Ti 
my teachers and my coaches thank you al 
so much for the support you've given ni^ 
along the way. Finally, to all of my friends 
thanks so much for all the laughs, and fo 
making my past four years in Norwelj 
ones that I will always remember. I canl| 
believe its already our turn to write this 
Good luck Class of 201 1! i 


/. f J 


Liam Patrick Dennigan 

Denny. Lambchop, Lee 

Harrison George Detwiler 

HD. Det. Detwiler, Harris 

Wrestling 1-4, Golf 1-2, Soccer 3-4, Wrestling 1, Football 1-4, Lacrosse 
Girls Lacrosse 1-4, Student 1-4, Ski Team 2-4, Invisible Children 

avernment 2-4, Invisible Children 2-4 2-4, JSA 2-4, Student Government 3-4 

You may say thai I'm a dieaiiwr Inn I'm not the 
•Illy one. I Iioih' someday you'll join us and I lie 
world will he as one" 
-John Leniion 

lanks Mom and Dad for always 
pporting me through all of my 
deavors. To my wombmate, Ailish, 
iii've always been there to talk to and I 
mt to thank you for that. To Maeve. keep 
I laughing and enjoy the rest of high 
hool. it flies by. Saoirse, keep holdin 
)wn the fort now that I'm leaving. I love 
I of you and thank you for all you've 
)ne. Thank you all of my friends for 
•eping things light and being there 
henever I needed you. Class of 201 1 - I 
ill miss you all!! 

"Every man dies. Nol every man really lives" 
-William Wallace 

First I would like to thank both my parents 
for all their love and support. I would like 
to thank my brother Forrest and sister 
Allie for growing up and living with me 
all these years. I would also like to thank 
my senior dudes and my Lax Bros 
throughout my high school career. I would 
like to thank my surfing and fishing bros 
for all the trips and sessions we made. I 
would also like to thank all my friends, 
classmates, teachers, and coaches who led 
me through my highschool career. Thank 
you to everyone at NHS. Peace out. 



Amanda Nicole Deveney 

Labooka Jones, Mandy, Dev. Mommy, 

Golf 1-2, Basketball 1-2, Softball 1-2, 
Art Club 3-4 

"Lets fiet out of dodi^e" -The Btiys 

First, I would like to thank my family for 
always being there to support me in whatever 
I want to do. Mom, thanks for being the person 
lean talk to no matter where or when. I promise 
to call you as much as possible when I am away. 
Dad. thanks for all the time we spent together 
as I was growing up. Those years I will never 
forget. Sissy thanks for being an awesome 
sister. Though it may not seem like it 
sometimes I love you very much. I would also 
like to thank all my teachers who have helped 
get me to where I am today. Especially Mrs. 
Fox, you were probably the best Homeroom 
teacher I've ever had, thank you for dealing w/ 
me for 4 years. Lastly I would like to thank all 
my friends Emily, Kaitlyn, Chappie, Liz, 
Devin. My time spent with you girls was the 
best times of my life. I hope you get everything 
that you want, happy days, rainbows and 
unicorns. Alexa. You're my best friend. We 
never fight, 1 never get sick of you and I love 
you for that. Thanks for all the memories we 
created, like apple picking, playing chicken in 
the hallways, the whiteboard wars and for 
getting out of dodge w/ me. I'll never forget 
you becasue you're in my heart. Finally, 
goodluck to my fellow classmates of 201 1, 
don't let your dreams die, live life to the fullest, 
conquer every obstacle that comes your way 
and don't forget to smile. Thank you, and 
goodbye. I hope to see you all soon. 

Julia Rose DiMartinis 

Jules. DiMar. D 

Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-2, Skiing 3-4, 
Lacrosse 1-4, Student Government 
1-4, invisible Children 1-4, Peer 
Education 3-4, National Honor 
Society 3-4, Environment Club 1-2 

"Lifi' moves pretty ftisl. If you don't slop ami look 
uroiiml once in a while, you could miss it" 
-Ferris Hueller 

Congrats Class of" 201 1, these past four years 
have been ama/ing. I have made so many 
memories w ith the most incredible friends that 
I will keep forever. Thank you so much to my 
parents who iiive and support me no matter 
what. Mom. thanks for always being there to 
listen, even if nothings wrong. I am so grateful 
for all the little things you do that go unnoticed. 
I would be lost without you. Dad. thanks for 
teaching me to never give up and seeing the 
best in everything I do. You make us all laugh. 
Chris and Maria, make the best of high school 
and take every opportunity you have to follow 
your dreams. I will always be there for you 
guys. Rachel, I am going to miss you so much. 
Thank you for being the one person I can go 
to for everything. You always know what to 
say and you mean the world to me. I love you 
and all the cra/y memories that we have 
together. To all my friends who have made 
high school truly unforgettable, thanks so 
much for the countless laughs and the best 
memories possible. Vietnam '08- best summer 
ever. Latin Breakfast Club. Senior Student 
gov- 1 love you guys. Good luck Class of 'I I. 
I'll miss you! 

Elizabeth Caroline Driscoll 

Li/.. Li/./.y. Little Li/. Squirt 

Cross Country 1-4 (capt.), Winter 
Track 2-4 (capt.), Spring Track 1-4 
(capt.). Peer Education 3-4, National 

Honor Society 3-4, Latin Club 2-4 

"Hey lets drink from the cup. share some luck. 
f;o ahead and lauf-h cause il d<m't cost much. " 
- Dispatch 

First off I would like to thank my parents for 
everything they have done for me. It has been 
your love and support that drives me to try my 
best in everything I do and I do not know what 
I would do without you guys. Throughout my 
four years at high school my friends have 
always been by my side and I thank you all so 
much for all the laughs and tears we've shared 
together. You all know who you are and I love 
you so much and look forward to what the 
future has in store for us! I would also like to 
thank my brother, you are my best friend and 
no one knows better how to brighten my day 
than you do. As for the Class of 201 1. the last 
four years have certainly been a wonderful 
growing experience through the good times 
and the bad and I can't believe it's finally 
coming to an end. I would also like to thank all 
my teachers and coaches including Mrs. 
Provenzano. Mr. Jacobs. Mr. Whelton. and of 
course Chuck and Ms. Arnold. High school has 
been an incredible experience and it would not 
be complete without all the wonderful people 
in it! Good luck and congratulations to the 
Class of 2011! 

Julia Mary Driscoll j 

Jules. Julie 

Basketball 1-2, Lacrosse 1-2, Track 
Cross Country 4, Art Club 1-2, 
Invisible Children 1-3, National 
Honor Society 3-4 

"Every man dies- Not every man really lives" 

■William Wallace 
"To succeed in lijc you need three ihintis: a 
wishbone, a Inu khone. tmd a junnx hone" 
-Reha McEntire 
"Yon have no idea how hit>h I van fl\ " 
-Michael Scoll 

Writing this senior thank you is so surra 
I first want to thank my family; Mom. I): 
Barry, and Michael, thank you for alw . 
being there for me and thank you for | 
the advice, particularly your sense 
humor that gets us through a lot and I 
taught me many important life lessons 
couldn't ask for a better family. To i 
friends, words cannot describe how mii 
you mean to me. All my friends, you knu 
who you are. but I would especially li 
to thank Kduff. Ailish. DiMar. Sa 
Averie. and Nicole. You're always tho 
for me no inatter what. Also, (jracei 
Jackie I don't know if I would've surviv 
junior and senior year without you I I 
had so much fun with all of you and \ 
truly mean the world to me. Good li. 
Class of 20 1 1 . thanks for all the memoriij 


[atthew Wray Dromeshauser 

Drum. Diiimmy. Driimbiim. 
^acrosse 1-4, Football 1, Hockey 2, 
Field Hockey Manager 2-3 

v()/( need (III cMiiiipIc (III how u> live, limit you 
jii\l shouldn'l have been horn" \l'«v;/(' 

pdoods, I'd like to start off by thanking 
' Dad and Mom for doing everything 
•y possibly could to help me through 
:h school. I love you. thanks. Dan all I 
1 say is try hard in the classroom and 
ve fun because before you know it. it's 
er. Thank you Mr. Keegan and Mr. 
jCallum for keeping me in line and for 
the help. Ms. Criss and Ms. Schad for 
Iping me through the last 4 years, 
istly. I'd like to thank my friends. I 
>uld never have been able to do it 
ihoutyou. All my senior and junior bros 
.inks for all the good times just doin 
latever it took to have fun. Brooke, 
iroline. Li/. Lex, Catherine. Chloe. 
:\\y. Shannon. Molly. Averie, Dare, 
ikki. Allie and Hannah thanks for being 
ere for me. Brad and Krista thanks for 
ing the best friends I could ever ask for, 
anks for all the memories and family 
ications. Cait. thank you for being there 
r me no matter what and for being one 
the best friends I've ever had! Thanks 
I much I will never forget you. Love ya! 
;an't believe hiuh school is over. Later 

Kellie Ann Duffy 

Kduff. kdizzy di/. in the hiz house 

Soccer 1-3, Lacrosse 1-4, Invisible 
Children 1-4, Environmental Club 
1-3, Best Buddies 1-4 

"Dcinee as llioiii'h no one is walehiiif; 
Love as though you've never been hurt 
Sini; as thoiifih no one can hear you 
Live as thou\>h heaven is on earth" 

First. I want to thank you Mom and Dad 
for being so supportive in everything that 
I do and letting me find my own way. 
Thanks Mom for always being such a 
good listener, and thanks Dad for being 
such a good shopping buddy! I'd like to 
give a shout out to DiMar (aka mom) for 
just being the funniest person in the world! 
Jude. for being my best friend for ever and 
finding the stupidest things hilarious with 
me. Sam. for just being an absolute 
psycho. Molly and Laura, for being great 
friends and being crazy dancers with me. 
Thursty. for always having my back no 
matter what. Ailish, for having one of the 
coolest names and giving the best advice. 
And obviously Cooper for just being 

Sarah Elizabeth Eaves 

Seaves, Sawah 

Field Hockey 2, Dance Team 1-2, 
Invisible Children 4, Art Club 4 

Mom and Dad, you've always pushed me 
to be my best and I appreciate everything 
you've done to get me here. Thank you for 
your love and support. I love you both so 
much! Maddie. thanks for always being 
someone I could talk to and always being 
one of my best friends. You're a great little 
sister! Enjoy the rest of high school. I love 
you ! Rachel, thanks for always being there 
for me. We have so many great memories 
together that I will never forget! I love 
you. and you will always be my best 
friend! Cara and Lucy, we have been 
friends since preschool and now we are 
seniors! Thanks for all the great memories 
over all those years! 1 love you guys! 
McGowan, thanks for all the good times 
and laughs. I'm so happy we stayed close 
friends! I love you! I will really miss all 
of you! Good luck and congratulations 
Class of 2011! 

Tristan Robert - Tyler Elliott 

TElliott. BigT 

Swim Team 10-12, Track 9, Art Club 
9-12, Space Cadet Club 9, 4th Wall 
Players 1 1 

"You never said llial lliis woiiltl he easy, so go on 
live. " 
- AlUuk A I lack! 
"I want sowelliinf; good to die for. to make it 
beautiful to live. " 
-Josh Hoininer 

Thank you to my family, friends, and 
teachers! I will never forget having jam 
sessions with Rich and Zach. hanging in 
the art room, and the great RockBand 
parties in the little theatre (or the forts) on 
the last day of school. Special thank you 
to the following teachers for putting up 
with our shenanigans: Mr. Kitchen. Mrs. 
Browne, Mr. O'Bryant. Mr. Pap, Mr. 
Nottingham. Ms. Hawkins. Mr. Nycz, and 
Ms. Cortright. Once again, thank you 
everyone who has helped me through my 
years at NHS. 


Catherine Erickson 

Cath. Rhino. Fraz/y 

Soccer 1-4, Tennis 1-4, Peer Education 
3-4, Invisible Children 2-4, 
Decibelles 2-4 

"Guys. I miss da blow up tint;. " 

- Molly Co.\ 

"If you never tiy. you'll never know. " 

- Coldplay 

"May the force he with y(m. " 

Thank you Mom and Dad for your never-ending 
love and support throughout my life. Thank you 
for raising me to be independent and strong. You 
two have been wonderful examples to me and I 
love you. Thanks to James. Lindsay, and Emma 
for being my best friends and constantly making 
me laugh. Parley, you're my best friend and 
always will be. Thanks to Ms. Fox. Mr. .Sullivan. 
Dito, Ms. Ward, etc. for really knowing how to 
teach and making school a little bit better. Girls 
Soccer and Tennis, thanks for giving me the best 
four years. I love you all. Thanks to ln\ isible 
Children for being the best club at Norwell High 
School, keep it up! Decibelles, keep it classy. 
Tessam I'll miss you next year! Vietnam '08. 
thanks for sharing the best month of my life with 
me. Kelly and Lexi. you're my best friends and 
I wouldn't have wanted to spend a month in Asia 
with anyone else. I love you both .so much. To 
everyone else, I'm so glad to be a part of the class 
of 201 1 with you guys and I LOVE YOU ALL. 

Laura Farinick 

Fancy , 

Cheerleading 1-4, Lacro.sse 1-3 j i 

"Who are you to judtte the life I live '.' I know I'l 
luit peifecl and I don't live to he hul before yoi 
start poiiilint; your fui};ers mtikc sure your luwo 
are clean!" 

- Hob Marlev i 

I want to thank my mom, dad, and the rtt 
of my family, for always being there I 
me! I also want to thank my best frien. 
Ken/ie for being there through thick a» 
thin, and for all of our good time 
(TAPPOONN. S family, and many moxK 
Also thank you to the square root of - 
crew! Love you ladies. And a VERY H 
thank you to Mrs. Rheault. I have no iil 
what 1 would have done without you! 


Laura Ann Ferzoco 

Laura Lou, Loo-Loo-, Laura Fuzz 

>ccer 2-4, Lacrosse 1-4, Hockey 1-4, 

Invisible Children 1-4, Peer 
Education 3-4, Dance Team 3-4 

ildi y ihiw. well llwy 'll pass yoii by. Glory tlitys 
ilw \i iiik (>l'(i yoiiiit; i;iii's eye. Glory tiays. i>lor} 
clays... " 

- Hriicc Sprinfislcen. Glory Days 

uinksss Mom and DadI You guys are the 
St parents ever, I couldn't have made it 
rough high school without you both. 
HI both always find away to keep me 
liling. Lo\e you both! Dan and Tony, 
anks forshowing me what I can and can't 
•t away with with Mom and Dad. You 
i>s rule. Mary, good luck with your last 
() years at home alone. 1 sure w ill miss 
)u. no matter how much we fight. I know 
)u'll go on to do great things. Jake, my 
otha trom anotha motha, lo\e you, be 
H)d, and thanks for being there with me 
ncc pre-k! I love you puck. To all my 
lends and family, thanks for being there 
ir niel Thank you to all my teachers, past 
id present, you guys have been great! 
ood luck to my fellow 201 I classmates, 
love you all! It's been real. 

John Ryan Finnigan 

Johnny, JFinn 

Hockey 1-4 (capt.). Student 
Government 3-4, Latin Club 1-4, 
Arabic Club 4 (president). National 
Honors Society 3-4 

"ll is our choices llial show us w hat \\ c truly arc. 
far more than our abilities. " 
- Allnts Dumbleilore 
"We're not .lioini" to Guam, are w e?" 
-Frank Lxipiilus 
"A mail's worth is no ffreater than the worth oj his 
ambitions. " 
-Marcus Aurelius 

First off I would like to thank my family: 
Dad. Mom. and Kelly. Thank you for all 
your support through high school as as the 
rides to 5 a.m. hockey practices. Kelly, 
good luck in high school and whatever 
else you pursue. Next, thank you to all my 
teachers for getting me through school so 
successfully. Finally, to all my friends: 
thank you for all the good times and all 
the help you have given me. I won't say 
anyone in particular, but you all know who 
you are. You guys have made these past 
four years bearable and some of the best 
years of my life. 

Emily Josephine Fitzgerald 

No Sho, BP 2-4, Invisible Children 3-4, 
Bowling Club 3-4, Norwell Volunteer 
Corps 4 

"The future is no place to place your better clays. " 
-Dave Matthews Band 

Grandma and Grandpa- words can't e\en 
explain hou much you mean to me, I love you! 
Mom and Dad- thanks tor your never ending 
support and pushing me to be my best. Dillon- 
you're the funniest person I know, thanks for 
always being able to cheer me up. Rachael- 
thanks for always being there whenever I 
needed you. I love you. The Casey family- 
thanks for being my second family and putting 
up w ith me all the time. Eileen, you're basically 
my second mom. thanks for all the advice 
you'\e given me. Sam. you've been a sister to 
me for as long as 1 can remember, thanks for 
always being there for me no matter what. I 
couldn't imagine going through high school 
w ithout you. Tay and Geary- you two are my 
best friends, thanks for everything you two 
have done for me, love ya! Laura. Lucy, and 
Rachel- thanks for all the amazing memories, 
there's never a dull moment with you guys. 
Mary and Jordan- enjoy these next two years, 
they'll go by fast. Chorus crew- April forever. 
Class of '1 1 - it's been an unforgettable 4 years, 
i!ood luck! 

Abigail Meryl Flynn 

Fourth Wall Players, Decibells, 
Halyard, (ISA/Diversity, Amnesty 

"/ may iiol have i-oiw w here I iiileiuled lo no. hut I 
think i have eiiJeJ up w here I needed to he. " 
- Doiifihis Adams 

I don't really have anything paiticuiary 
inspirational or poignant to say. Just, look 
around. We made it. Cra/.ily enough, 
we're moving on up. I want to thank my 
friends and family. You all know who you 
are: I don't think I need to tell you how 
much you all mean to me. I wouldn't have 
made it this far without you. Thank you 
to all my teachers: English teachers - for 
encouraging me. Math teachers - it was a 
struggle, but I am grateful for all your help, 
Madame - for helping me realize my love 
of language, Mr. Pap - for bring me 
through those early art days and all the 
rest . You were (and are) all incredible. 
Naturally, thank you Mr. Lacy, for 
showing me that I can act. even if as a 
motherly figure. And thanks to Ms. 
Connor for running the Halyard - it's been 
a great run. And thank you, my fellow 
seniors. I look forward to the amazing 
things you accomplish. 


Corbin Richard Foucart 

Swim Team 1-4 (capt.). Chess Club 
2-4, Mock Trial 1-4 

"There ix eloquence in true eiilhtisitisin. " 
- h^dt;ar Allen Poe 
"Maye I need some rehah ... or inayhe jnst need 
some sleep. " 
- KeShu 

"II i decide to he cm idiot, then I'll he cm idiot on 
niy ow n accord. " 
-.IS Hack 

Mom, Dad, Abbey: Thank you for all the 
support you guys have given me the past 
four years. I couldn't have done it without 
you. Swim Team, Mrs. Fox, and Ms. 
Schad: Thanks for four amazing years., 
beat Duxbury! Nathan: Thanks for asking 
Lady Gaga to prom. Mr. Bradshaw: 
Thanks for saying "Cash-money and 
mumbo-jumbo" in class. Walter Lewin 
would be proud. Mrs. Cortright: Thanks 
for two amazing years or Calculus, now 
math and 1 are like most differential 
equations, inseparable. Sleep: I'm sorry 1 
didn't get to know you very well these past 
four years, but we probably wouldn't have 
gotten along anyway. 


Morgan Claire Gallagher 

Moogs. Morg 

Cross Country (capt.). Indoor Traci- 
Outdoor Track, JSA (secretary) 

"Unless someoiw like you cares a w hole awful /. 
nothing is ifoini; to i-et hetler. It's lutt. " 
- Dr. Suess 

I've had a really great time at NHS thc> 
past four years, for that, i would like 
thank my teammates and my friend 
Chloe. thanks foralways being by my sit 
(figurately and literatlly). Alexa ai 
Grace, you guys are my wing women li 
life. Lily at this point. I consider yi 
family. Branwen and Gwynne. you'l 
influences me more than you know: I lo^ 
you! Mom an Dad, thanks for every thin 
Finally. Thanks Trevor, you're the bc> 
I'll miss you alol NHS! 

Lucy Helen Gogarty 

Go-Gurt. Luc 

Equestrian 1-4, Invisible Children 2-4, 
Chorus 2-4 

I can't belie\ e how fast these 4 years truly 
flew by. I uant to thank my parents for 
supporting me. Mom your kindness has 
in.spired me so much and Dad thanks for 
giving me your strong personahty. 
E\eryone at BCF and the mediums I lo\e 
you guys so much and I couldn't ask for 
better friends. I want to thank my sisters: 
Janes stay true to yourself and work hard 
I know you'll do great things. Mary thanks 
for being my opposite when it comes to 
school and the same when it comes to 
everything else. I can't even count the 
good times lo\e you shmeeg. I want to 
thank my friends- Em and Laur I've had 
so much fun w ith you guys the past 2 years 
sisand princesscrew forever. Kell han and 
Emily you w ill always be my derails. Cara 
and Sarah I can't believe the 3 of us have 
come all this w ay since preschool. Mel and 
Paige thanks for always being able to 
make me laugh. I love you girls. To my 
soph sisters, you know w ho you are thanks 
for keeping my feet on the ground keep it 
real girls. And to class of 'I I its been 
awesome. Good luck to all of you. 

Peter Francis Graney 

Peter, Pete. Graney 

Basketball 1-2, Soccer 1-2, 4. Track 1-4, 
Band 1-3 

'Ufe is about making some lliings happen, not 
wailing for something to happen. " 

Thank you Mom. Dad and Mike for 
always being there for me when I needed 
it. I will alw ays be grateful for all you ha\ e 
done for me. Thank > ou to all my teachers 
w ho have inspired me to pursue teaching. 
I love you all. 



Evan Kenneth Gray 

Muz/y, Gray. Griz/ 
Hockey 1-4 

"/ Kituld hit il again because llial shot \va\ u 
defining moment, and w hen ti defining mimu m 
comes ahing. yon define llie moment. ..or ihi 
moment defines you. " 
-Tin Cup 

First. I would like to thank my mom t 
being the greatest mom in the w orld e\i 
when things got tough. I love you. Than 
you to my sister Jenna for always bein 
there, you're the best. To all my friend 
it's been aw esome. wouldn't have chan^* 
a thing I w ill always remember you allai 
all the great times w e'\ c had. I w ould al 
like to thank Ms. Schad and Coach Pait 
for all you have done for me: wouldi 
have been able to do it without >o 
Thanks to all my coaches and teammati 
for the support and gtwd times. To all il 
underclassmen, live it up and enjoy hii 
schtK)l it goes by tcx) fast. Class of 
couldn't have asked for a better class I 
miss ever> one of you and the expcriencr 
w'e'\ c shared. 

Cole > Vinal ! 

Jgyi ' . ■ . 


Arianne Dorothy Guertin 

Ari. Muchacha 
Sortball 1, Stage Manager 4 

A/ii</\A i fiiicinhfr If siiiile hccuuse you nt-vt-r 
bum- m Iu) is fdlliii!; in love wilh il. " 
-Aiitluir L'nkium it 

.aii't e\cn believe that it is senior year 
ready. It is just unreal. I wouldn't have 
rcn able to make it through high sch(K)l 
ithout the supptirt of my parents. They 
\s a\ s pushed me to be the best person I 
in be. I also w ant to thank my sister, she 
m\ best friend and I lo\e you. I also 
ant to thank nn teachers through all four 
Mrs for gi\ ing me all the help I needed 
succeed. M\ friends. I would also like 
thank. > ou know w ho \ ou are. Thank 
>u for always being there for me and 1 
ill always be there for you. 
ungratulalions class of 11. We finally 
d it: 

Alyssa Mae Gunville 

Yazzie. Gunz. Lyss. Alyrser 

Field Hockey 1-4 (capt.). Ski Team 1-4 

(capt.l. Tennis 1-4 (capt.). World 
Challenge 2, National Honor Society 
3-4 (Secretary ). Yearbook 4 

"The jeep nets broke on a blown out riHitl an J I'm 
the loiirisi w ilh o real lit-hl IihuL " 
-Thinl Eye Blind 

First off. I d like to lhank m\ brother. Malt for 
putting up w ith me through the gixxl and bad. 
despite our \cr\ different personalities. I'dalso 
like to thank m\ other "siblings" Kelse\ & 
Jared: way to keep up the Asian Persuasion. 
Thanks to m\ friends- \ ou km>w w ho you are- 
r\e spent the best moments w ith \ou and I can 
alwavs count on \ou gu\s to make me smile. 
I'll always be a follower of Ltvkeism.... 
Chappie.. .me>you. Nam 08- thanks for the 
best summer e\er. Thank \ou coaches for 
making high schtx^l an awesome experience 
for me. ^ ou'\ e all taught me so much. Saturday 
meets at Ragged will defmiteb be missed. 
Thank \ou teachers for all the moti\ ation and 
inspiration >ou ha\e given me throughout the 
\ears. Most importantK. I d fmall> like to 
thank Mom & Dad. Y ou've alwa>s been there 
fi>r me in the roughest and happiest times in 
life. I don"t gi\e you gu\s enough credit. Tni 
going to miss our DVR sessions e\en if we"re 
watching Desperate Housewives of New 
Jerse\ ...sorr\ Dad. Congratulations & gtHxl 
luck Class of 201 1 . it's been a little loo ihxhI. 

Chloe Christina Hager 

Chlo. Cleo 

Field Hockey 2-4. Lacrosse 1-2, 
Invisible Children 2-4, National 
Honor Society 4 

~D<> one thing a Jay that \eares you" 
-Eleanor RtHnerelt 
'Never explain ytnirself. Your friends dnn'l need it 
and your enemies won't believe it." 
-Betgieia Howell 

First, I would like to lhank my parents for 
raisins me to be the best person I could 
possibly be. Mom. you have always been 
there for me no matter what, and I know 
y ou always w ill be. you're the best! Dad. 
I couldn't ha\ e asked for a better shoulder 
to lean on. Shane and Cole, thanks for 
alway s making me laugh: you guys really 
got me through high school. Thank you to 
all m\ coaches and teachers that have 
helped me along the way. Most 
importantly, to my girls, you have been 
the best friends I could ever ask for and 
no matter w hat happened y ou guy s w ere 
always there for me. So far. the best limes 
of my life have been spent w ith you girls 
and I know there w ill be so many more 
laughs to come. I can't thank y ou guys 
enough for making high school such a 
great ride. Last, but not least, good luck to 
class of 201 1 . 1 love all of you. We did il! 

Nicole Marie Harper 


Field Hockey, Swimming, Student 
Government, Environment Club, 
National Honors Society, Yearbook 

"Rivers kiuni- this: there is no hurry. We shall ^el 
there some day. " 
■Winnie the I'ooh 
"The thinif ahoiil f^row inf; up w ith Fred and 
George. ' said Oinny llunii;lufully. 'is thai yon son 
of Stan ihinkini; anylhinti's possible if you've got 
enough nen e.'" -J.K. Rowling 
"Who wouldn't want lo he a princess'.'" 
-Rritney Spears 

To everyone I've known since Vinal School, 
thanks for making recess so much fun with tag 
and wall ball. To my Middle School friends, at 
least we survived. Finally high school is 
actually over. Jackie, all I can say is thank you 
for putting up with me. You are honestly 
ama/ing. Julia. I don't think I II ever find 
someone like you... freak. I love you likecra/y. 
Rachel and Kelly, thanks for always being my 
buds. Megan and Michacla, no way you go a 
day w ithout sharing stories with me next year. 
To all my other friends graduating. I love you 
and I can't wait to see where we all end up! To 
my underclassmen friends- you've kept me 
smiling, come visit me! And finally, although 
it's impossible to even put into words how 
grateful I am, I want to say thank you to my 
family. I couldn't have done it without your 
support. Jack, quit whining and do your 
ht)mework. I know you won't need reminding 
to have fun. Same to Class of 11- keep having 
fun und good luck! 

Christopher Haskins 

Thank you. 

Hannah Marie Hayes 


Field Hockey 1-4, Spring Track l-4.( 
Dance Team 1-2, 4, National Honorv 
Society 3-4 

"/,//(' moves prelly fasi. if you don'l slop and lanl 
around once in a while you could miss ii. " 
-Ferris liucllcr's Day Off 

First I want to thank my family. Mom and 1). 
for always being there and supporting nic 
whatever I do. Margaret, good luck in the k 
of high school and try not lo make fun of 1);! 
loo much without me. Jessie, be good and cnjc 
the rest of your lime in Norwell. Ethan. I kno 
graduation seems a long way away from 4i 
grade but enjoy every minute of it. love \( 
little buddy. To my friends, I don't think I coih 
have gotten this far without you. Kelly ai, 
Emily- Derrails for life, you can always hav 
my numberand I love you two to death. Alysv 
thanks for being my first friend back in .^i 
grade and putting up with me since then. Mall' 
thanks for always making me smile for ai 
being the # 1 I'ockey fan. Tom. you still owe n 
big lime... Bui it's fine I still got your hac 
thanks for being one ot niy best f riends and !■ 
all the Pinkberry trips. Finally. Mike you're ll 
best friend I could ever ask for and 1 kno. 
you'll always be there for me, I don't kno 
what I'd do without you thank you for all yii 
do for me. I truly love all ol'yi)u. thank you u 
so much. Class of 20 1 1 . we made it ! I 

Rachel Ashley Hearn 

Rach. Rachie. Rotcli. Ray-ray 

Softball 1, Cheerleading 2 

".S'c/ru \ /«// tml (ill llic lime, llic woiiil is iiii 
impcrjccl place" - llic lircakfosl Cliih 

lie woilil is hill (I cdiiviis lo our iiiniiiiiuilions" 

aiik you to my family and friends for 
ing there for me through everything. I 
ink God for all of you guys and for 
:rything he has blessed me with, 
ithout him. I would not have made it to 
s point and I would not be the person I 
I today. 

Zachary Joseph Heger 

Hotwheels, Zman, The Big Captain 

Playing video games, watching 
television, going outside and hanging 
out with my family and friends 

"Arc yiiii Id I kill la inc'.'" 
-Taxi Driver 

I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for 
everything they have done for me for the first 
19 years of my life. 1 would also like to thank 
all of my friends and best friends Eric. Evan, 
my cousin Joe, Oliver, BK, Evan Gray and 
Brian. Ms. Field, thanks for being there for me 
in Skills and helping me with everyday 
struggles. Miss Criss, Mrs. Whiting, Mr. 
Belmore for being great English teachers. Mr. 
Bradshaw. Mr. Lacy, and Herm for being great 
elective teachers, you all have meant a lot to 
me. NHS Administration and the great Mr. 
Devine, you have made this school a 
welcoming place. Thanks also go to Ms. 
Mclnnis, Miss Arnold, the Lunch Ladies, and 
Custodians. The wonderful aides, Mrs. Scott, 
Mrs. Lutchman, Mrs. Ingeme and Ms. Smith 
who have all been there lo help me as well. I 
would also like to recogni/e Dave Benedict for 
always meeting my needs. 

Georgia Alexandara Hegner 

George, Georgie, Alex, G., Gloria 

Art Club 2yrs, Theater 2yrs, 
Robotics 2yrs 

"Surely you luiisln'l he serious!" 
"I am .wrioiis. ami doii'l call me Shirley. " 
- Airplane 

I would like to thank my family, and leachcrs: Miss. 
Hosea, Mr. Nyc/. Mr. Pap. Mr. Noltingham. Mrs. 
Browne, Mrs. Fox. Mr. MacCalliim. Mr. Bradshaw. 
Mrs. Sulc, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Lacy, Mr. Kowolski. 
Mr. Herm. Mr. Zini, Mr. Ward (whafsyour favorite 
color'.'). Mme. Doyle, Mr. Lantier. Mr. DiTomaso. 
Mr. Kitchen, and Mr. Sullivan. Thanks to Mrs. 
Holland. Mr. O'Briant. Mrs. Cortrighl. and Mr. 
Schelvin (I only just realized that he was a librarian 
with the name shell'in?). I remember watching 
Osmosis Jones and making edible cells. I remember 
staying after school and there were Just two others 
and we ordered pineapple pi//a: and saying to Laura 
that I totally don"t hate herand loved tie-dying in her 
back yard; and that Tutu had a banjo. I want to thank 
Lisa tor giving me food most mornings. I want lo 
thank all my friends including Nicole. Rachel. 
Victoria. Hayden. and Christian, i remember New 
Orleans with hourly trips for chocolate banana 
smoothies, subway, and playing bull; and in Boston 
getting lost looking for Fire and Ice while it was 
snowing and cold. I remember plausible plans for 
Utopian societies, wet paint, and the exploding bottle; 
and the star is really a planet and shoes do fall from 
the sky. I remember dream catchers, gummy bears, 
lic-lac-toe. and messages on gum wrappers. But 1 
know I will forget my locker combination. 

"Tin- whole i\ more llitiii the sum o] its jnii ts. " 

"A ginlfrom the machim: " -Meiuiiulcr 

"I ill) m>t feel ohliftetl to helieve thai the same God 
who has endowed us with sense, reason, and 
inielleii has intended i/.v to forifo their use. " 
-Galileo Galilei 

"A desit-ner knows he has achieved lierfeclion not 
when there is nothing left to add. hut when there is 
nothini; left to take away: " 
■Antoine de Sainl-li.xpuiy 

Thank you! Robotics the past four years 
has been fantastic. I don't know what I 
would have done without it and all of you, 
past and present. Especially you Herm! 
You've helped so much and made robotics 
ama/ing! I'd also like to thank everyone 
in the school who has helped make these 
four years so good. And finally, I'd like to 
thank my parents for putting up with me 
through all my non.sense. 

Christopher Michael Henning 
Spring Track 1-2, Wrestiling 1 

"I'll he hack" 
- Arnold schwarzeneii^er 

Thanks Everyone 

Patrick Louis Hill 

Niiija, Kiabby Patrick 

Mock Trial 1-4, Newspaper 1, 3-4 

"I'Icdsc ilo not he cynical. I hale cxnicisni: Im 
record it's my least farorile quality, it doe\ii i U 
anywhere. Nohody in life i;els c.uiclly what ilu 
llioufihl they were fioina to f-et. Hut if 
really hard and you're kind, amazinf- thinfi\ w 
happen" - Couan O'lirien 

I cannot lell a lie, but maybe a couple. I h 
had some good memories here and sonic 
ones. Could I have been more vocal and in 
expressive? Yes. But i still have the resi ol 
life to make up for the faults I made here 1 
I am thankful for that. I remember vvaich' 
Seinfeld in history and discussing the emll 
possibilities of what we think spindle til 
look like in biology. I remember ih 
awkward limes of mock trial, from Hal Sn 
to thai one lime at the DQ. I thank ever\bi 
who has helped me in any lillie shape or lo 
I thank my parents, my sister and ihe legeiiil 
Bob Foulsham especially. While I am (hank 
people right now, I would like lo apologi/' 
some people. I apologize lo Kevin lor gcit 
you to do the third grade talent show. .kn. 
for the bathtub full of mayo, never paying b 
that five dollars to .lohn, Ms. Criss for ih 
humorous poems, to ihe people who uorl 
the Plymouth Wal-Mart. Buckler for irai( 
you a bag of Oreos for a month of free ki 
(not my fault you dropped them on liie lUv 
Tracy for everything, Peter Ibr nothing anil | 
Field for our skills class. I thank you Ms. I-| 
for your patience and understanding i 
willingness nol lo give up. e\'en that one t| 
when one of your students did nol reeoL'i 
themselves in iheir school piclure. 


Tyler Andrew Hilson 

Hilson, T-Bone. THilson 

otball 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Hockey 3-4, 
>A 3-4, Norwell Volunteer Corps 4, 
Javigator 2, Invisible Children 3-4, 
National Honor Society 3-4 

'/ Mill arc t;i\rii a i luincc Id he a idle model. I 
'Ilk Mill should ulmiys lake it. you eaii 
nfliieiiee a jyersoii's life in a positive lii;hl and 
I's wlial I uaiil III do. Thai's what it's all ahoiil." 
-I ii^er Woods 

I'm lired nl lieai'iiii; ahoul $$$$ money. I just 
i iiiil to play the i;ame, drink Pepsi, and wear 
Keehok. " 


ist. I would like to thank my family, 
ithoiit their support I would not be 
KMC 1 am today. 1 would also like to 
ink my teachers and coaches for their 
o\\ ledge and support that has made high 
hool enjoyable. Finally, I would like to 
ink my friends, who have made high 
hool interesting to say the least. Its been 
ol of fun and I'm gunna miss you guys, 
loul out to NWP (the woifpack). 

Drew George Himberg 

Himbe, Dimbe, Derb, Berg 

Hockey 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Football 1 

"Hard work heals laleiil wlien laleni doesn't w ork" 

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it 
would happen, others make il happen " 
-Michael Jordan 

"Happiness is a deslination. lhal's hard to find il 
may lake some time" 
-Kenney Chesney 

1 would like to thank my Mom, Dad, and 
brothers for everything, without you guys 
I wouldn't be here today. Mom- you help 
me with everything no matter what it is. 
Dad- you're always there to talk to and you 
teach me so much. Cory and Josh- you 
guys have been there for me whenever I 
need you and you're the best brothers a 
guy could ask for. Ms. Schad you've 
helped me more than you know. To my 
teachers and coaches thank you for 
pushing me. To my teammates - thank you 
for making every game and every practice 
CLASS OF 2011! 

MaryKate Teresa Hines 

MK, MurKate 

Student Government 1-4, Drama 2-4, 
Field Hockey 1-3, Cross Country 4, 
Swimming 1-2, NHS 3-4 

"Live cverx week like it's shark week" -30 Rock 
To my parents thank you for the love you've 
shown me over the years. Mom, you always 
listen to me when I'm down and bake cookies 
to cheer me up, 1 don't know what I'll do 
without you next year. Dad. thank you tor your 
weird gadgets and crazy inventions as well as 
for being the voice cheering me on no matter 
what occasion. Ryan, thanks For introducing 
me to cool things and dealing with my dumb 
questions. And thanks for always being there 
for me, that's pretty great too. Mic, you've been 
more than a sister to me and I can't imagine 
dealing with everything without you. Thanks 
lor the adventures, the advice and being my 
best friend. To my favorite people in the entire 
world, Meg and Grace, the amount t)F time 
we've spent together is fairly ridiculous but I 
wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I love 
you two so much and your friendship means 
the world to me. To the rest ofmy friends, thank 
you for the endless laughter and the shoulders 
you've let me cry on time and time again. 
You're ama/ing. Thank you to my fantastic 
teachers, especially Mrs. Proven/ani) and Mr. 
Lacy, your support and patience have helped 
me succeed even when I didn't think I could. 
Congrats class of 201 1 . thanks for everything 
and remember to enjoy it. 

Connor William Houde 


'Tlit'xe are the liim's that we live for. " _ Hreiulan 

"Life's a f;aitie and you jnst have to w in. " - 

"Wlien you're yonnt>. not iniii h iiiatler.s. Wiien you 
fmd soinetliinf- tluil you care ahoul then tital's all 

you ftot. " 

■ - k ids 

I would like to thank my parents, my sister 
and Alex Clement for being there when I 
needed him. Late night taco bell, 
skateboarding. Ms. Arnold. Friday nights. 
The Crew, David Marinelli. Cruises, and 
Blue Moon. Alex Nigro for being the 
realest friend I have ever had. MikeOberg. 
Jack Frost, my Grandmother for always 
putting a smile on my face and Brendan 
Kennedy for always keeping me pumped 
up. Jake Webber for the hallway call outs. 
John Nichols for always directing me the 
right way. Tyler Hilson for being a good 
friend, and Kalcb Rogers for keeping me 
skateboarding. Too all of you I forgot 
thank you! I couldn't have asked for a 
better group of friends during the past 4 
years at NHS. Thanks for the memories. 



Kelly Faye Hudgins 

Khudg. Kesha. Derrail. Mom. Kuhlee 
Cross Country 1, Field Hockey 2-4, 
Student Government 2-4 (President 
4), Judicial Board 3-4, Basketball 1-4 
(capt), Invisible Children 2-4, 
National Honors Society 3-4 

"All you need is love." - The liealtles 
"We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just 
heller at liidiiif; it. llia'ls all. " - I he lireakjasl Club 
"/ wanna dance with no jnuUs on, HOLLA. " - 

No. sadly this isn't a song... 1 know 
bummer. Mom and Dad - 1 love you guys 
with all my heart, thanks for always being 
there when 1 needed you and for always 
supporting me. Courtney - 1 love you so 
much and can't believe how fast you've 
grown up. You da best, but don't go too 
cra/y. Mark - your the best brother a girl 
could ask for. 1 love you. Be good to Mom 
and Dad and always, always be a good 
boy. Hannah. Emily and Lucy - 1 love you 
guys so much. Freshmen year, Derryl 
brought us together and nothing has 
separated us since. Chloe - my Jonas 
sister. In eighth grade we fell in love with 
the Jobros and sadly haven't changed 
much. Countless concerts and endless 
hours of Disney Channel. Your always 
there; 1 love you for that. Fockcy '10 - 
we're a dream team. One Wave forever 
and always. Kesha - it's been real. Tswift 
- thanks for writing the soundtrack my life. 
Jobros - marry me? 
YAAA class of 201 I - WE DID IT! 

Elizabeth Ann Hurley 

Cross Country 1-4, Swim Team I-' 
AFS 1, Student (lovernment 4 

"tWerylliinii happeits h>r a reason, people i lian 
so that ycni can learn lo lei i.;o: lhini>s ^o wroni- 
you can appreciate them when they're rii;lil: ai 
soinelinu's itoiid ihiuiis fall apart so better ihint 
can come loi-elher. " 
- Marilyn Monroe I 

First off I would like to thank my Mc 
and Dad for heling me through the past 
years and shaping me into the person I 
today. Words can't express how nu 
appreciation 1 have for all you guys ^.U 
also want to thank Leah and Liam 
being the most supportive brother a 
sister I could ask for. Liam have fun a 
good luck with the rest of middle sch« 
and high school. To my teachers - th;; 
you for helping me get to where 1 am toe 
and showing me what I am capable of. 
all my friends - thanks for all the lauti 
and support through the years, i couc 
have asked for better friends. Good lU 
Class of 201 I! 

Robert Francis Hynes 


Hockey 1-4, Tennis 1-4, Soccer 2 

"Ij it's luil lull. Xdii'rc iiol iliiiiii; il liiihl" 
-liiih licisso 

-irst I'd like to thank my family for always 
ving there for me and supporting me for 
he past 18 years. I'd also like to thank all 
iiy friends for an awesome 4 years and 
ols of great memories. My time at 
\orvvell High school has been an 
jNperience that ! will never forget. Good 
luck to the Class of 201 1! 

Matthew Kirby Kelley 

Matty. Dad 

Student Government President 1-4, 
Tennis 2-4, Football 1, National 
Honor Society 3-4 

"I iiiilki U'slify. Conic up in the s/nil liiiikin' extni 
Jh: For t/w day I die I'ninui loncli tlic sky" 
-Kdiiyr WcM 

"I'm mil (I hii.siiics.sniiiii. I'm a Hii.siiics.s man" 

"Wiiiit some'.' Get sonic!" 
-Rohci t Downey Jr. 

Mimisy. Dad. and Sabrina, I would be 
nothing without you guys I love you all so 
much and no matter how far away 1 am 
you will always be so close to my heart. I 
have to thank all my homeboyz and 
homegirlz for sharing the greatest 
moments of my life with me. People like 
you guys don't come around that often and 
I am truly happy that you are a part of my 
life. Here's to the beginning of a lifetime 
together. To the Class of 2011, who 
would've thought that we'd be arguably 
the greatest of all time around here. Now 
we're sitting on top of the world and where 
we go from here is up to us; the sky is the 
limit! Congrats toeverybody and I'll catch 
you on the tlipside! 

Coiin Thomas Kelly 

Soccer 1-4 (capt.). Baseball 1-4, 
Basketball 1-2 

"Don 't ever doiihl llic power of jiisl one mind" 
-Micluic! I- rami 

Thank you to Mom and Dad for your love 
and support throughout high school. 
Thank you Megan and Mike for your 
guidance and support and giving me 
someone to look up to. I would also like 
to thank my teachers and coaches for the 
things that I will carry with me for the rest 
of my life. To all my friends- thanks for 
the good times and memories and many 
more still to come. Finally, Martha, you 
have always been there for me and I could 
never thank you enough. Good luck Class 
of 201 1! 

Brendan Patrick Kennedy 

BK. Starfox 
Baseball 1-4 (captain). 
Basketball 1,2,4, Soccer 1-3, 
Football 4, Badminton 1-4 

"Wdiiiui IkiikI iiic iIw hook '.'" 
-Alex Clement 
"Your Iwarlhcal sounds like Sosquusli's feel, 
ihuiulehnu sluikinn the eoin rele. " 
-liif;f;ie Smalls 
"So pumped to tiike m\ shirt ojj al the techno 
- Tyler Hilson 
"Oh behave I'm yoiiiif; rich famous, Iryiiifi to 
keep my pockets on Sch\\ iirzenei;er. " 
-IV/,- Khalifa 
-Jake Webber 

I would first olT like to thank my longtime 
acquaintances Max. Mike, and lhab for their 
guidance over the years. Also, and most 
importantly, I want to thank my Mom for 
always being there and putting up with me all 
these years. You have done all 1 could have 
asked for & more. I want to thank my teachers 
over the years for putting up with me, 
especially Ms. Schad, You have been like a 
mom to me, don't know where I'd be without 
your help. Thanks a lot. Shout out to the fellow 
wolves it's been a great four years, stay in 
touch. Lastly, I wanna thank you dad Ibr 
teaching me .some great life lessons, you had a 
great impact on everything thanks a lot. Can't 
forget the Webber's, the DeMarco's, and every 
other family 1 used I'or my second home - 
thanks a lot. Peace. 

Nathan Mark Kingston ' 

Nate. Nay-Nay, Nate-Dawg, The Past 
White Rhino, Yoda, Generic Guy 

Math Team 1-4, Mock Trial 1-4, 
Chess Club 2-4, Environment Club 

"Fear is the path to the dark side. I- ear lcad\ i 
aufier. Aufier leads to hate. Hate leads to 

siijferiiiii " I 
- Yoda 

"Let's look death in the face and say. 'whatevc 
man.' Let's make our own luck" -Huao Reyc\ 
".lust dance, il's !,;onn(i he okay" 
-Lady (laf^a 
"Wit beyond measure is man's i^reatesl ireasiii 
-Row ena liavciiclaw i 

To my friends: Nick, thanks for all of < 
healed cultural debates. Kevin, thanks 
sticking with me ever since the first time > 
stole my lunch box. Hvan, thanks for being 
most dominant Ultimate teammate. Ste 
thanks forgiving me someone to talk Lost wi 
Richie, compariero, gracias portu competici 
en Monkey Ball. Mike, thanks for keeping :. 
up to date with sports, even though you c; 
beat mc in basketball. Corbin. thanks lorbei 
my chess buddy and for imdcrstanding all 
my highly sophisticated humor. Now to i 
family: thanks Abbey and Nikki foi' helpi 
me keep my fighting skills sharp and being a 
to put up with me. Finally, thanks Mom , 
Dad for all your love and support these I 
seven years. You have really made me wh 
am today. 


Tayla Ann Kelly 

Tay, Tay-Tay 

Basketball 2, Cheerleading 3, 
Lacrosse 2-3, Dance Team 3-4, 
Bowling Club 3-4, Invisible Children 
3-4, Norwell Volunteer Corps 4 

"Nobody can f>o hock and slorl a new hefiinnini', 
hill anyone can sum today and make a new 
eiulinf>" -Maria Robinsim 

To mom & dad, if it weren't For you guys 
1 wouldn't have been able to get through 
high school You guys put up with me all 
these years and 1 thank you for that. 
Thanks for supporting me & guiding me 
in the right directions. So many memories 
& laughs, I love you guys. Sam, Emily, 
and Geary, best friends always no matter 
what, we've had our ups & downs but had 
so many laughs & the funniest times 
thanks for everything, love you. Rheault 
& Nursey. you two are the ones I came to 
when I needed to get out of class, thanks 
for everything even though you never let 
me stay half the time, love you too. Steph, 
erica, kylic & the sacchetti family. You've 
been there for me whenever 1 needed it. I 
came over every weekend & we had the 
funniest memories I could ever imagine I 
love you guys thanks for everything. Class 
of '1 1 we finally made it good luck. Its 
been fun. 

1^ i 

Thomas Trainor Koch 

TK. Captain. Cookie Boy 
:)ccer 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Tennis 1-4 
.apt. 3-4), Student Government 2-4, 
Peer Flducation 3-4 

"Clear li\c\. /'nil Hearts. Can't Lose." 
-Eric Taylor 
U'\ way. or the liiiihway ain't it. " -MH Hahy 
"W'c skate [or fun. We're soni skaters. " 

0111 and Pop. thank you tor everything 
)U ha\ e done tor me: without you 1 would 
)l be the person I am today. Thank you 
all of my teachers and coaches for 
taring your guidance and wisdom. I 
ould especially like to thank my friends 
trail the good times we've shared. Matty, 
HI are the best person I know, thank you 
ir being such a positive and optimistic 
ifluence in my life. To Kitt, you're pretty 
Rich my brother, don't go too far away so 
c can kick it for years to come (shotgun 
>: life). Mi key. thank you for keeping me 
■al. you have been my most constant and 
•liable friend and taught me how to not 
ike everything so seriously. Mike, you 
ic wise beyond your years, thanks for 
ccping my head straight big guy. 
lannah, you've helped me so much, we 
olh know I would be truly lost without 
Dur advice. This isn't the end but the 
cginning of a bright future for all of us. 
'<) the class of 201 1 . let's stay classy and 
i\c it up. 

Alexa Danyelle Kourafas 

Lex. Lexilov. Hectorita Gonzales 

Softball 1-2, Cheer 2, Pepband 1,3, 
Art Club 3, Philosophy Club 3 

"/ .\ay never he complete. I say stop heinf; perfect. 
I say let's evcilve. let the chips fall where they 
may. " 
-Txler Durden 

Congrats everyone! We made it! I cannot 
believe we are here. It's been a pleasure 
growing up with you all! I would first like 
to thank my family. Mother and Father for 
their enormous support. My brother for 
always being there for me and sissy for 
putting up with me, you've got a long way 
to go girl. Thank you to my lovely 
boyfriend Christopher for everything and 
for being so excellent to me. Thanks to my 
duo partner Amanda for being in pickles, 
for time on the porch, and riding camels 
with me. Emily you're my leo baby, thanks 
for everything. Devin, Li/, Chap, Erin, 
and Kait, thank you for being sexy. Good 
luck kiddos. Now let's get out to dodge. 

Kelly Curley Kramer 

Kelldubo, Dubo, Dubz, Krama 

Soccer 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4, Wrestling 
4, National Honor Society 

" Guys. Jo yon think I will still love him even 
when I'm married'.'.'" - Mollv Co.x 

First I would like to thank my family, 
without your love and support I wouldn't 
have been able to make it this far. 
Especially to my parents, thank you for all 
that you've done for me - you guys are the 
best! To all my girls and guys - you guys 
have made these past years so much fun. 
1 wouldn't have wanted to spend it with 
anyone else. Thanks for all the 
unforgettable memories and laughs. 1 love 
you all. Moll - thanks for being the best 
friend I could have asked for, there's 
honestly never a dull moment with you ... 
u do bomb! To the class of 20 1 1 - you guys 
have been an amazing class I wish you all 
the of luck in whatever you do! 



Eric Brooks Kuehn 
Football, Lacrosse, Robotics 

"The only place siiccc.s.'i comes heftu e work is in 
the (liciionaiy. " 
-Vincc Lonihtinii 

I would like to thank my parents for 
always getting me where I need to go. I 
would also like to thank them for always 
supporting me in school and sports. I 
could not have done this without their 
help. Another person I would like to thank 
would be Zach Heger for always being 
there and a good friend. I also appreciate 
my teachers who have helped me reach 
this point in my life. I would like to thank 
the players and coaches of the football, 
lacrosse, and robotics teams. We have 
celebrated many wins and suffered losses 
together. Lastly to my fellow classmates, 
we have had a good run and a lot of laughs. 
Stay safe, think smart, and enjoy life to the 

— ^ 

Erin Susanne Laffin 

ELaff, Laffin, Laffy Taffy 

Field Hockey 2-4, Dance Team 3-4, 
Softball 2-4, Best Buddies, Art Club, 
Mock Trial, Environment Club 

"To think that one's actions could please the 
masses is indeed a notion hound in irony: someone 
w ill iuevitahly find somcthint^ wront; in almost 
e\'erythini;. So do w hat is that you do best and 
remember to have enoiifih tolerance for two. " 
-Brandon Boyd 
To everyone that I have gotten to know throughout 
high school, thank you. I feel so fortunate to have 
known and learned from such ama/Jng people. To 
every single one of my teachers I would not he 
writing this if it was not for you, thank you. I'd like 
to thank my family for all their love. time, and 
patience. Mom you have stuck by my side at my most 
unlovable moments, when things were rough I could 
always count on you. I know I may not have always 
listened, but I would not be where I am today without 
you and for that I can't thank you enough. Dad. thank 
you for the unconditional support and always 
believing in me. .Special thanks to my brother and 
best friend Pat. I don't think I would have been able 
to survive high school without you. You never let 
me down and always pushed me to be myself. Emily 
thanks for always being down for an adventure but 
most importantly for showing me the true meaning 
of friendship. Ms. Field you have been there for me 
everyday of high school, words can't begin to explain 
how thankful I am to have had someone like you. 
Thank you to all my friends that have been with me 
throughout it all. you know who you are. To my 
classmates the memories will last forever, and I 
know everyone of you will be successful wherever 
life takes you. Good luck. I love all of you! Peace 
out NH.S. 

Brian Michael Lahiff Ni( 

Lahiff, Brifly, Bri Guy 

Basketball 1-4, Football L Baseball! 

I would like to thank my parents I ^n., 
putting up with me and always being the jaf( 
for me. You guys have served as t jje 
biggest role models in my life. You ha mi' 
always done what's best for me even il lann 
wasn't what I wanted at the time. You ha 
taught me so many life lessons over t '^^^ 
years. So thank you Mom and Dad \c *l 
much. Sean you have also been a ix 
model for me and over the years you' 
been a great big brother. Kevin you'rck^ 
great big brother and you are beyond yo; 
years. Colleen you're a great sister, you't 
one of the bros. I would also like to thai 
all my friends for making my high scho 
career a great time especially the cre-^ 
You guys are family and more good tim 
are yet to come. I would also like to thaf 
all my teachers especially Miss Schad ai 
all my coaches. Good luck everyone. 

Nicholette Elle Lamparelli 

")'<)ii Just n iiil. " - iiw 

anks Dad and Mom for doing the best 
II could through everything. Thanks 
ea for always being there. Thanks Joey 
J JetT for being the best little bro's. 
anks to all my friends - Ryanne, 
ianna and the rest of the crew. Thanks 
everyone that was there for me when I 
eded it. Although there's troubles with 
me people, things happen for a reason, 
t everything gets figures out eventually, 
-■re's to the future... 

Anita VyVy Larason 

Vy Vy, Veevs 

Cheerleading 1-4, Fourth Wall 
Players 2-4, Chorus 1-4, GSA/ 
Diversity 3-4, Amnesty International 

I'm going to thank my.self before I start 
thanking anyone else because hey, if it 
weren't for me 1 wouldn't have made it this 
far. Erin Leary. you deserve a huge thank 
you! You stuck by my side no matter what 
happened and you are the best friend I 
could ever ask for. You listened, gave the 
best advice, and helped me through so 
much. I miss you more than 1 can even 
say. Rest in Peace Erry. Of course 1 hAVe 
to thank Ms. Van and The Old Guy; you're 
my parents. The two of you put up with 
me and that on its own deserves a thank 
you. if I were to list the reason why 1 
should thank you both this letter would go 
on forever. I'll leave it at you two are pretty 
cool and thanks a lot. All the people I have 
met along the way. whether we were 
friends or not. Thanks. I learned a lot from 
everyone that I have encountered so far 
and it's been a good time so cam on, and 
izood luck to us all. 

Matthew Booth Lauria 

MBooth, C.C. 

Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Best 
Buddies 1-2 

/ know il'.s I'iisy to imciii 'me htit its ccisicr to just do. 
IJ yon vdii't do what yon imagine, then what is 
imagination to yon '.' 
- Kid Cndi 

First I would like to thank everyone who 
made the past four years an incredible 
time. First, to my parents thank you very 
much for all the love and support you have 
shown me throughout my life. Also to my 
sisters Molly and Marisa thank you for 
your wisdom and guidance when I have 
needed it the most. To all my friends thank 
you for all the memories we've shared 
throughout life and I hope that they 
continue. Thank you to all my teachers and 
coaches that have taught me valuable 
lessons that will follow me in life. Lastly 
thank you to the class of '11 for an 
unforgettable four years and I wish all of 
you the best of luck in the future. 

Kevin Alexander Lawrence 

Kev. K-Law 

"It's not the years in your life that count. It's the 
life ill your years. " 
-Ahrahani Lincoln 

"I reject your reality anil siihstitiile my own. ' 
-Adam Savage 

I want to thank all my teachers over the 
past four years at NHS for everything. An 
individual thanks to Noiseux, 
Nottingham, and Pap who gave me the 
supplies, knowledge, and confidence to 
make and continue making art. As for my 
friends you're all freakin ridiculous and 
there's no way I could have made it 
through these past four years without 
everybody. Thanks to my brothers Matt, 
Andrew, and Greg; three of my best 
friends and competitors. I want to thank 
my parents who I could never thank 
enough for their influence in my life. 
Thanks to anyone I failed to mention who 
also influenced my life. 

Bridget Margaret Lawson 

Bridgeybee, Bridge 

Swimming 1-4, Best Buddies 1-4, 
Volunteer Corp. 4, GSA 4 

"Every perum, ivfiiirdless of whatever di fferent 
abilities they may have, can cimlrihiiie, can he a 
.source of joy, can bean with pride and love. " 
- Eunice Kennedy Shriver 

Thank yo to my family for always being 
there for me through thick and thin. 
Thanks to my teachers for your support 
and pushing me through the tough times. 
And thanks to my friends for sticking by 
me through the years. To the NHS 
Swimmers - Stay Strong. Swim Fast, and 
have fun! Thanks for four great years! 

Peter Sergio Leavitt 

Thank you 

Michael William Locke 

)lf (capt.) 1-4, Baseball 1-2, National 
Honors Society 4 

"/.//(' (V dooJ "- 


"Whenever I'm iihaiil lo do siniietliiiiti I lliiiik. 
voiiUI an idiol do ihal '.'' and iflhey n rndd. I do 
mil do lluil ihina. " 

Sehi iile 

St of all I would like lo thank iny tamily for 
itiiig 1110 through the first 1 8 years of my life. 

I Mom and Dad. thanks for supporting me 
ough all the cra/y years of school, frantic 
-i-minute projects, late papers and for being 
\ personal taxi drivers. I've tried my hardest 

make you proud. I hope that I've 
complished that. Brian and Sean, have fun 
'ing all the chores without me. Dad will only 
\ e two of you to split up the housework with, 
lanks to any and all of my friends who have 
ade the choice to stick with me throughout 
crything. most notably Alyssa for prying me 

II of my shell. I'll never forget about that. I'd 
so like to give my best wishes to the golf team 

the upcoming years. I hope that I've set a 
)od example for you guys. Jack you're going 
■ be on lop there for awhile. I'm sure you and 
lall w ill have hysterical laughing fits foryears 
> come. Lastly I'd like to say good luck to the 
ass of 201 1. we finally made it through... 

Molly Rose Lodigiani 

Lodg, Lodi. Littlelodg. Rose 
Soccer 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4, 
Dance Team 3-4 

"And with the cmck of a smile, ue all stay awhile, 
u e know form home there uin'l nolhinfi above. " 

- n.A.R. 

"Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall i;el 
there someday. " 
- Winnie the Pooh 

First, I want to thank my family. Mom and Dad 

- You have always been my biggest fans and 
have never stopped believing in me. The lessons 
and opportunities you have provided have made 
me the young adult I am today and I cna't thank 
you enough for that. Bryan, Cara, Lauren and 
Mike - It's safe to say there has never been a dull 
moment from Charleston to Norwell. I hope you 
all know you are not only siblings to me, but 
my best friends. To my teachers and coaches - 
Thank you for teaching me the most valuable 
lessons I might ever learn. Soccer and Lax Girls 

- Remember that you can have a tea party every 
once in a while, but continue to take care of 
business and keep up the title. Brian - 1 dont' 
know how or where i would be without our six 
hour plan ride home for Italy. You'll always be 
my best friend and I will never forget the 
memories we have shared. To all my friends - I 
love you all so much. From our laughs to the 
crazy nights, you have made high school a truly 
unforgettable experience. I will miss everyone 
so much, but I believe the saying that this not 
good-by. it's see you soon. Finally, to the Class 
of 201 1 - we made it! I know we are all destined 
for greatness. I wish you all the best of luck. 

Michael Thomas Logue 

Mike, Mlogiie, log 

I first want to *b-:rk my parents for 
supporting me in everything I have done. 
Jen. Kevin. Amy, Kerry, Liz, thank you 
for everything you have done for me, I 
love you guys. Meghan, thank you for all 
your help in school and everything, you 
have been a great sister. I want to thank 
all my friends for all the good times we 
have had. you have all been awesome and 
I wish you the best of luck next year! 
Tessa, thank you for all your love and 
support these past couple of years. You 
have always been there for me and have 
been a great friends. Thank you to all of 
my teachers and coaches throughout the 
years, you have all been very helpful. 

Devin Marissa Lotterhand 

J.S.A 2-4, Dance Team 2-4, Invisible 
Children 4, Volunteer Corp. 4, Peer 
Education 3-4 

"You're a cotloii-lwailcd iiiniiy-iiiitgf;iiis" 
Hiulcly the Elf 

"For heaiilifiil eyes, look for I he aood in others; 
for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness: 
and for poise, milk with the knowledge that you 

are never alone. " 

- Audrey Hepburn 

I would like to thank my parents and my 
brother Matt. Without your confidence in 
me I wouldn't have been able to get 
through these past 4 years. You pushed 
me to do my best, even when I didn't want 
you to. Kate, we'll always be best friends 
no matter what. Love you so much big 
sis. To all my other friends, I love you all. 
To all of my teachers, thank you for 
everything. Without you I would not be 
in the place 1 am in today. 


Rachel Marie Lynch 

lynchworm, rachellynch 

Softball 1-4 (capt.). Field Hockey 1-4, 
Art Club 3-4, 
National Honors Society 3-4 

"Be w ho you are and say what you feel, because 
those who mind don't nuilter. and those who 
matter don't mind." 
- Dr. Seuss 

"Take what you can from your dreams, make them 
as real as anythiuf'. " - Dave Matthews Band 

I would like to thank my Family, friends and 
teachers who have made high school a great . 
First, to my parents, thank you for supporting me 
throughout the years and being great role 
models. Words can not describe how much you 
mean to me. I love you! Mom, thank you for 
always being there for me and for being my #1 
fan. Dan, thanks for spending countless hours 
playing catch with me, and always making me 
smile. I would also like to thank Bethany for 
being my best friends. Your're a great kid, and 
you always know how to make me laugh. And 
to Ryan, you're the best little brother anyone 
could ask for. Thank you to all my teachers 
throughout the years, from kindergarten all the 
way through high school. Also, thanks to all my 
friends. You have made unforgettable memories 
and I can not thank you enough for that, in 
addition, thank you to the Varsity Softball Team 
and Mr. Browne. I'be had a great lime through 
the past 4 years. 1 am going to miss you guys. 
Good luck Class of 201 1! It's been a great 4 

Shannon Claire Mahoney 

Tennis 1-4, Invisible Children 2-4,1 
Yearbook 4 

"It's sad. hill somelimes moving on starts with 
goodbye" -Carrie Underwood 

"Get caught in the race of this crazy life, iryiii' 
be everything can make xoit lose xoiir miiul" 
-Ladx Aniebclhim 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all yoursuppo 
love and patience throughout the yearsj 
wouldn't be who I am today without ycj 
I love you! Kel- thanks for being the bi^ 
older sister and friend anyone could a 
for, you've never let me down. T and l! 
Good luck, it goes by fast so make 
worthwhile. Steph- you are an ama/i 
sister and have always been my bt 
friend, love you seal! Lizzy- you're I 
best "miss," thanks for being my best 
I'm gunna be lost without you... love yo 
Dan- thanks for always being there for ni 
I'll miss you little guy! Girls- you guys;) 
crazy and I've loved every minute of o 
journey together, I couldn't have asked I 
better friends. I don't know what I'll < 
without you next year! Boys- thanks 1 
the mems and always making me lauL» 
I'll miss you all! Congratulations Class 
201 1 and good luck! 

hristopher Richard McGrath 

McGrath, McGraithe 

ootball 1-4, Ski Team 1-4, Lacrosse 
4. Surf Club 1-4, Environment Club 
4, JSA 4 

"/// ilw one who has lo flic, when il's lime for nie 
'II (lie. so lei me live my life lite way I want to. " 
-.liini Hendri.\ 

"I'm Cioldeii Rielianls. " 
-Peler Khiiien 

s cra/y how last the years have gone by. and 
lonestly eouldn't ask for better people to help 
along the way. To all the coaches: Mr. 

illivan. Coach K.. Liiccarelli, Mr. Schlager, 
ir. Grant. Coach McGuirk- thank you tor 
ishing me to be a belter athlete and lor all the 
m times. Teachers, there are too many ol yoii 
at have truly made NHS the best place I could 

spent my last 4 years. To all the bros and 
ich. especially Shane. Sheamus, maybe 
Ictigue. Chavez. Mk. Morgan. Grace, and 
laiiy others, it's been real tun, thanks tor the 
ood times. To the upcoming seniors and 
iniors. good luck and don't waste a day. it goes 
y too quick. Most importantly, to my Mom 
nd Dad, I love you and you don't know how 
inch I really appreciate everything, no matter 
ow much I drove you cra/y. Kara, your 
Iready gone but the things you've done for me 
lean a lot. Moseley. you are the best dog 
nyone could ask for. Good luck 'II! 

Hannah Rose McKitrick 

Hmck, Han, Hanney, Hannah-banana 

Gymnastics 1-4, Cross Country 4, 
National Honor Society 3-4, Drama 2, 
Art Club 3-4, Yearbook 4 

"Doii'l cry because il's over, smile because it 
-Dr. Seiiss 

Thanks M&D for being unbelievably 
.supportive & encouraging with 
everything I do. Gait & Moi- we always 
laugh when we're together; you've 
become my best friends over the years and 
I'm so grateful for that. Chas- thanks for 
showing me the ropes in HS. To all my 
friends- never a dull moment when we're 
together; from shouting at randos on the 
street or having intense heart-to-hearts. 
Mollz- we always have a good time when 
we're together (the fun ones), thanks for 
always being my best friend. Liv- thanks 
for letting me eat all your food, but mainly 
for giving me a shoulder to lean on. Liz- 
thanks for being my driving buddy and 
being there to talk with. LB&KT- I'll muss 
you guys so much next year. NElGHBs- 
Thanks for being there to hangout on all 
those dull nights. Countless laughs, lane 
strolls, late night talks & so much more. 
You made HS bearable. Congrats class of 
'11; dream big. aim high, seize every 
opportunity & enjoy every minute of it. 


Jonathan McNamee 

Jon, Jmac, Jonny Boy, JB 

Football 1-3, Basketball 1-4 

"Life moves pretty fast. II yon don'l stop and look 
annmd once in a while, yrni conid miss it. " 
-Ferris Bneller 

I would first off like to thank my Mom and 
Dad for everything they have done for me. 
I appreciate it so much. I would like to 
thank all the teachers I've had for the past 
12 years. I would also like to thank all of 
my friends I've have some of the times 
in my life with you guys. Good times 
working out after school everyday with 
the "Gym Boys" Gabe, Tyler, Oliver, 
Nick, and Drew. I would like to thank 
Peter Leavitt for being King of the Castle. 
I want to thank Taco Bell, I spent so much 
money on you and 1 don't regret it at all. I 
would especially like to thank Gabe; my 
partner in crime. I met you when I was 3 
years old and you were my first best friend 
and I'm glad we finished high school still 
best friends, bad boys for life. Good luck 
Liz with everything, enjoy High School. 
Good luck of 2011! 

Benton Joseph McTigue 

Baseball 1-2, Soccer 1-4, Winter 
Track 1, 3, Spring Track 3-4 

"A man who views ihe world llic saiiw ul fifty as he 
tliJ ul twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. " 
-Muhammad Ali 

"He who is nut courageous enough to lake risks 
will accomplish nothing in life. " 
-Muhammad Ali 

I would like to thank my mom and dad for 
supporting and helping me throughout the 
last twelve years. Thanks for always being 
patient. Next, thanks to all my friends who 
made high school a memorable time. 
Christie, good luck and make the most out 
of your remaining years at NHS. Thank 
you Lightning for being the best and most 
loyal dog. Also, to all of the teachers and 
coaches that I've had. thank you for 
guidance and preparing me for life beyond 
Norwell. Lastly, best of luck to the class 
of 201 1. I hope everyone is successful in 
what they chcK)se to do. 



Kitt Loynd Miller 

Mac. K-Mil. Big Papa 

Basketball 1-4, Student Government 
1-4, Football 1,4 

'The Only place where success come before work 
is in the dictionary. " 
-Vince Umibardi 

"I've decided. I am going to be taking my appetite 
to the Outback Steakhouse. " -Steve Carrell 

"Hapa 'v in the house. " 
-Papa John 

Wow. four years came and went so fast 
but its been a great time. Mom, Dad. and 
Colter I really can never thank you enough 
for always supporting me. putting up with 
me around the house and helping me out 
in school and in sports. Also, thanks to my 
teachers and coaches who have taught me 
so much and guided me through the last 
few years. Finally to my great friends 
thank you for the good times and always 
keeping things interesting. To everyone in 
the Class of 201 1 I w ish you the best of 



Grace Catherine Moore 

Swim Team 1-4, Country 4, 
Spring Track 1-2, Field Hockev 1-3.1 
Art Club 

"Remember, if you ever need a helping hand 
y<ni'll Jiiul <me at the end ofyimr arm. As you gm 
older y< HI will discover thai yim have two lumil\ 
One for helping yourself and the other for helpin,, 
other. " 
- Audrey Hepburn 

First, I would like to thank my famil^ 
You are so important to mc and you ha\ 
made me who I am today. Mom and Da? 
you have always been there to help aii'' 
support me. Jess and Aid. you have beei 
the best siblings ever! Thanks for lakiiii 
me on spontaneous adventures am 
bringing fun and life into the househok 
Jess, have a great last year t)f college aiii 
Aiden enjoy your freshman year. Mega 
and Mary Kate, thank you for alw a> 
showing me a good time. 1 could alwa> 
count on you two to be there for me an 
these past four years would have beo 
boring without youl To all the others wh 
have changed my life, thank you. Than 
you for putting up w ith all of my cra/.inc- 
over the years, especially Julia, two yeai 
in a row props! These past years have bee 
so memorable and all of you guys made 
that way! Contirats class of 201 I ! Wc di 


Brandon Shawn Morrison 

anllakes. Lord Gaga. Gaga, BianOats. 

Swimming 1-4 

"It's coniplit cilfd ami Sliipid" - Lady Goi;a 

on have to helivvc in yoiirsclt and u hal you're 
ini;. and almost refuse criticism and neiiiitivity. 
\ like the w ronti ort-an \ias f;i\ en to yon in an 
oiH'ialion. You've i^ot to reject it. " 
- Lady Cai;a 

lank you everyone who helped me 
r\ ive high school and go on to college, 
pecially Mrs. Fox. thanks for having so 
my conversations and pep talks w ith me 
d Ibr beini! the best coach I've had. 

Theresa Aileen Morrison 

First and foremost, I would like to thank 
my mom for always being there for me. 
We have been through so much together 
and 1 lov e you so much, thank you. To my 
uncle Matthew, thank you for putting up 
with me through the years, I love you. 
Guertins, thank you for being a wonderful 
part of my life and a second family to me. 
Arriane. Shelia. and Scott you are some of 
the greatest people I know. Aubrie. you 
are the best friend I could ever ask for and 
I hope we always stay close. 1 wish you 
the best Aubs. To all my friends, it's been 
real, thanks for all the good times over the 
many years. Thank you to all my teachers, 
Mr. Marani and Ms. Criss. They were the 
teachers that really pushed me, thank you 
for that. I would also like to thank my 
trainer Kim Devers. for always helping me 
through my riding career and for dealing 
with me for almost 8 years, and I wish you 
good luck with future Jettsett girls and 
shows. And to the class of 20 1 I , thank you 
for making these last 4 years 
unforuettable! Good luck! 


Emily Veronica Mullen 

Em, Shmem 

Cheer 1-2, Art Club 3, Swimming 2-3, 
Soccer 2, GSA 4. 

"Cause <mcc in a while yon f-et shown in the lif;hl. 
in the strani;est oj places if yon look at it rii^ht. " 
- Sublime 

I can't say that my years at Norwell High 
School were the best years but I'll 
definitely never forget them. Lex, Manda, 
Erin, we sure know how to have a good 
time. .Lex you're the Wayne to my Garth, 
see you in Aurora. I'll never forget those 
toasty nights on your roof either Ms. 
Deveny - Mrs. Officer. Erin- Starbuxx that 
pretty much sums up our lives. But when 
it comes dow n to it all the stupid stuff we 
have gotten into has been more than worth 
it. The three of you have stuck around for 
6 years and for that I can't thank you 
enough. You each mean something 
different to me in your own way- please 
for the love of god stay that way your too 
good to change. Chap- you'll be an 
amazing Martha Stewart lax star one day. 
Kait- you'll always be my cocokitty Ms. 
Delicioso. Lizzy- your my little devil with 
a halo, really we all know your dirty 
secrets. Devin- Mrs. President that's all I 
have to say. Mom. Dad. Ryan- thank you 
plain and simple I love you guys; I can't 
believe how much we've come through 
together the past few years. Class of 20 1 1 
good luck and see you around. 

Michaela Erin Nichols 

Mic Nic 

Soccer 1-4, Ski Team 1-4, Peer 
Education 3-4, NHS 3-4, Invisible 
Children 2-3, Art Club 1-2, Yearbook 

"Don'l cry hccaiise il's over. Smile hcctiii.w it 
Iwppciml. " 
- Dr. Scuss 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything 
you've done for me over the past seventeen 
years. You've really kept me on the right 
track, and we've had so much fun. 1 really 
appreciate everything, even if it doesn't 
always seem like it, and I know you'll 
always be there for me. I love you! Colin, 
thanks for being more than a brother but 
also an awesome friend. Enjoy the next 
three years because they go by way too Caroline, thanks for always being 
there when 1 need someone to talk to. Keep 
making the Nichols house fun and cra/.y! 
I'm going to miss you both so much next 
year! To all my friends, thanks for all the 
memories and for making the past four 
years the best of my life. You've always 
been there for me whenever I've needed 
anything, and I really don't know what I'll 
do without you next year. To all my 
teachers and coaches, thank you so much 
for all of the support. Congrats Class of 
201 II Good luck! 

Alexander Joseph Nigro 
Student Government 2-4 

"You sec il'.'i not the blood you spill thai fiets you 

wluit you w ant. Il's the Mood you share, your 
family, your friemlships. your community. These 
are the most valuable thiiifis a man could have. " 

Thank you Mr. Marani, Mrs. Whiting. Ms. 
Criss, Mrs. Ward. Mr. Keegan, Mr. Ward. 
Mr. and Mrs. Browne, you have left an 
impact on my life and 1 want to thank you 
all for the experiences you shared with me. 
Thank you to the garage, the basement, 
my Mom and Dad, my brothers and 
sisters. Also, thank you to the Pagnini 
family, and the Kelley family, you have 
treated me like a family member since 1 
have known you and it's greatly 
appreciated. My good friends, Lucas Paul 
Nigro. Victoria Rose Pagnini. Matty. 
James, Kaleb, Robbie, Alex, Anthony. 
Ryan. Chri.s, Connor, Dillon, Colin, and 
to all the others I did not mention, you are 
all in my heart. 


Evan Patrick O'Meara 

Ev. Big Head. Chunk. Bro'Mcara 

"/ hated every minute oftruininii. but I said. 7)i/c 
quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your lije in 
-Muhammad All 

I want to thank my family more lli; 
anyone. Mom, thank you for alwa'i 
having my back. I don't know where 1 
be without you. Dad. thank you for ju 
being you. you always know how ti) chc 
me up. Eamon & Alicia, thanks for beii- 
there for me whenever I need a friend \ 
talk to. RIP Seamus. Love you all ! ThanI 
Oliver. Berno, and Tprice for being M' 
best friends and pretty much doii 
everything together. Thanks JHC- BLi 
Brendan, and Bdevv for always knowip 
how to have a good time. Zack. thanks f 
always makin' me laugh. Love all yi^ 
guys! I want to thank all my coaches f 
pushing me to do my best in and out oft! 
classroom. Thanks for all the memori" 
NHS! Good luck Class of 20 11! ; 

Sheamus Patrick O'Sullivan 

Sheam, Sheamoose 

"Wc hum. " 
-Locke (LoM) 

"Reach Jar llic \ky. " 
-Wdddy Cloy Slory) 

The very lliiiii;s ihiil hoUl voii down are i^oiiiif lo 
lift yon lip. " 
-Tiimilhy Q. (Mouse. Diiiiiho) 

hank you Mom for showing me how to 
; a kind and forgiving person. Thank you 
ad for teaching me how to be an honest 
id hard working man. Thank you both 
)r your patience, 1 would not be in the 
lace I am now without your support and 
)ve. Thanks to my Nana, my best friend, 
hanks to all my family, to my brothers, 
can and Brendan. Thanks to Schad for 
Iways being there for me even when I 
cted like I didn't need it. Thanks to all my 
icnds, to Megatron, Mk, Julia, Paxton, 
hris. and Mr. Mike Day. To Shane who 
could always count on and And 
lank you Grace for always giving me five 
lore minutes. 

1 * 

Mikayla Catherine Pagnini 

"Every .slory has an cnclina hut in life, every story 
is a new hef;inninf^. " - Uptown Girls 

"I siii;i;esl we learn lo lore ourselves. Before its 
made illegal. When will we learn. When will we 
^■lulnf;e. Just in lime to see it all come down. " 

Norwell High School has been the place 
we all spent our days in from 7:25 to 2:06. 
But we all make it and now we are off to 
better things. I want to thank all the 
teachers that have been a part of my four 
years and have helped me each step of the 
way. To my family thank you for sticking 
in there with me through the hard 
struggles. You guys mean the world to me. 
To all my friends and peers you all have 
made my high school memories stick with 
me forever.VEACE OUT. 

Nicholas Joseph Papadopoulos 

7 play to win. whether during practice or a real 
i^anie. And I will not let 
anythiiiii i^el in the way of me and my competitive 
enthusiasm to win. ' 
- Micliael Jordan 

Thank you. 

Tennis, JSA, Art Club, Invisible 
Children, Halyard 

I would firsl off like U) thank evciyone who's 
made me smile, made me laugh, made me who 
I am today. To my mom, the strongest person 
I know, your unconditional love and support 
has helped me grow throughout the years and 
I will forever treasure it. You've picked up the 
pieces when I was broken and made me smile 
whenever I w as near tears and and somewhere 
along the way. you've become my best triend. 
Charley and Johnny, you're the only brothers 
I've got and although we don't always get 
along. I love you both so much and remember. 
Cm always here tor you. To Devin. we've been 
through it all together, this roller coaster we 
call life, and I hate to be the one to break it to 
you, but you're stuck with me forever. Little 
Sis. To all my friends, the memories we've 
made together are unforgettable and I love each 
and every one of you infinitely. To John, for 
always finding some way to make ine let go 
and live a little, for being there when I need to 
rant to somebody, and for providing your love, 
care, and support for every decision I've made. 
To all my teachers, especially Mr. Sullivan, 
Mr. G., and Mr. Jacobs, thank you for pushing 
me to do my best. To Ms. Field, tor not only 
being an ama/ing coach, but for being there 
when I needed her. To the class of 20 1 1 . we've 
finally made it; time to live it up! 1-2 

Thanks to everyone and all my teachers. 

Tyler Price 

Ty. "T" 

Lacrosse 1-4, Wrestling 1-4, Cress 
Country 1-4 

"Hapjuncss can he Joiiiul in the dai kesl oj liiiu:\. 
one only rem cm hers to mm on the lif^lil" 

Senior year has finally come. Thanks i 
my friends and family tor helping me gi 
through these past four years. Mom ani 
Dad thanks for always being s 
encouraging and supportive both in am 
out of school. Aly and Kyle thanks li 
being there for me anytime I need help an 
for keeping me in line. 

Bradford Michael Prouty 

Pioiits, Prouty. Bpiouts 

Soccer 1-4 (Capt.), Lacrosse 1-4 
(Capt.), Surf Culture 1-4 

"// /.V nhiil you imikc it" - Kenny Hilzcl 

ii st, I would like to thank my parents for 
verything they have done tor me. 
v'ithout them I wouldn't be where I am 
)day. I would like to thank my sister For 
Iways being there for me throughout high 
:hool. It was a lot of fun growing up and 
ning to school with you all these years. 
>rum I can't count all the good times 
e've had through the years with our 
iniilies and friends but I know they will 
DUtinue in the future. Harry and Robbie 
e've had some awesome trips over the 
isl few years and I am looking forward 
1 the ones to come. Thanks to all the 
)ccer and lax bros for making the past 4 
ears a blast and good luck to all of the 
lass of 201 1 in the upcoming years, it's 
een a lot of fun. 

Soccer 1-4 (capt.). Lacrosse 1-2, 
Invisible Children 2-4, Peer Ed 3-4, 
National Honors Society 4 

"i cIchidW u'c u ill. 'ccnisv life is sliorl hiil sw cci for 

ccrlain. " - DM/i 
"Yon luivc lo expect lliini;.s of yonr.sel/ hefore von 
(■(III do them. - Michtiel .Ionian 

I would like to thank my family and friends for 
their endless love and support. Mom and Dad 
- Thank you so much for everything you have 
done for me. Thanks for always being there 
and pushing me to be the best I can. I would 
not he the person I am today without you. Love 
you! Brad - Growing up with you has been 
awesome and I don't know how 1 could've 
made it without you. Thanks for always being 
there for me. I'm gunna miss you next year! 
Girls and Guys - it's been an unforgettable high 
school experience. Thanks for all the laughs 
and for always being there no matter what. I 
don't know what I'm going to do without you. 
I love you all! Alliance - still going strong and 
will never die. Drum - thanks for always being 
there and basically being a brother to me. Blue 
Moon? Mark - you always know how to make 
me smile, thanks for all your love and support! 
Girls .Soccer - Keep it real next year and enjoy 
it while it lasts! I'm gunna miss you all. Good 
luck! Lastly, thanks to all my teachers and 
coaches for helping me so much over the past 
few years! 1 couldn't have done it without you! 
Peace out NHS. 

JSA 1-4, Best Buddies 1-3, National 
Honor Society 3-4 

"Maybe tlie best thiitfi is to stop fii;nritii; out where 
you're i^oini- aiul jusi enjoy wlicre you are. " 
-One Tree Hill 

I can't believe how fast these past four 
years have gone. It seems like yesterday 
we were freshman. I want to thank my 
mom and ad for always supporting me and 
holding my hand when things were tough. 
I love you both so much! Thank you for 
everything! Thank you Susan for always 
helping and being there for me and dad! 
Nana. I love you so much! Thank you for 
everything! to my friends you are all 
amazing! You made these past four years 
the best years ever! I love you all so much ! 
Kim you are the best friend I could ask for. 
Thank you for always being there! I love 
you! Joe thank you for always supporting 
me and being there for me! I love you! 
Thank you to all my teachers who have 
helped me so much along the way. You 
all truly made my four years so amazing! 
Thank you! These have been the best four 
years! Good Luck Class of 201 1 ! We did 
it! Thank you to everyone! 

First oft", I want to thank my family. Moi 
& Jerry- You have been so helpful and 
have learned so much from you (even ifi 
was the hard w ay ). Brooke- I sw ear 
wouldn't be at all like I am today if I didn 
have you and you have been the mo' 
amazing sister anyone could ask fo* 
Samantha, thank you obviously lu' 
everything I can always count on you an 
I can't even describe how thankful I am i 
you. Lucy, Mel. Cara. Rachel, Saral 
Emily, Sam and Tay and everyone el>^ 
who made my high school years grea 
thank you so much. It's been ama/ing, an 
I can't believe it's over! Thank you i 
everyone at NHS, and congratulatioi 

Emma Jean Ray 

Emma. MJ 

Field Hockey 1-2, Amnesty 
International 1-4, GS A/Diversity Club 
1-4, Pep Band 2-4, Band Staff 3-4 

7/ all amies of not having from d<Htrs bin 
enough. " 
■A.A. Milne 

I will never forget how much of a family 
the band has been. You guys are the 
coolest people I know. ..Yeah flutes! To 
my own Christopher Robin: "You're the 
only one who seems to understand about 
tails. They don't think-that's what the 
matter with some of these others. They've 
no imagination. A tail isn't a tail to them, 
it's just a Little Bit Extra at the 
back." (A. A. Milne) Thanks for always 
understanding that Little Bit Extra. We'll 
never stop being groovy. No but really 
though. Never. 
Let's kiclc it. 

David Paul Regan 

Daaaave. Reegs, Da\ e the Barbarian, 
Reego. Deegan 

Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, 
Baseball 1-4, JS A 4, Best 
Buddies 1-3 

'Take what you i;oi. iliaiik God for all thai 
life l>rint;.\. The poor man has it all hut not 
conlenl with anylhiiit; while the rich iiian'\ 
hands are empty hut he 's sitlintf like a king. " 

"I'm thinking about getting metal legs, it's a 
risky operation, but it'll be worth it. " - J. P. 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Tommy, and Dan 
for always being there for me and 
supporting me with all of your love. 1 
would also like to thank all of my teachers 
and coaches for teaching me e\erything 1 
have learned that will help better me as a 
person moving froward. Last. 1 want to 
thank all of my friends for the good times 
we shared and I am sure that there will be 
any more good times to come. Good luck 
class of 20 1 1 ! 

Joseph James Richardson 

Jrish. Pnut 
Hockey, Lacrosse 

The iriilh i\ yon don'l know wlwt is f;oini; lo 
'pt'ii Uiinornni Life is a crazy ride, and nolliina 
is )fnaranlvcd. " 

ank you Mom and Dad for being there 
■ me all these years. You believed in me 
metimes when I didn't even believe in 
.self. Thanks to aunt Melissa. I could 
says come to you for advice that my 
rents wouldn't understand. You were 
e my older sister. Thanks so much to all 
d 1 hope to make you proud in the future. 

Melissa Mae Riley 

"He n lio y(m are and say w hat yon feel, because 
those who mind don'l matter, and who 
matter don 't mind. " 
-Dr. Senss 

Congrats to the class of 201 1 ! I'd like to 
start by thanking my family. Mom, thank 
you for always being there to talk to I'll 
never forget the countless times you 
rushed to my side and saved the day. 
You've given me all that I need to be 
successful and for that I am forever 
grateful. Daddy, thank you for teaching 
me how to laugh at life and never failing 
to be at every basketball game cheering 
me on. You were always my favorite 
coach. Jessie, you're my best friend and 
your grow ing personality shines more and 
more every day. Finish high school strong 
and make the best of it! Paul thanks for 
always having my back. r\e learned a lot 
from you and I admire you in many ways. 
Nana and Grampa thank you for being so 
involved in my life. Lastly, I'd like to 
thank all my friends for making high 
school as amusing as it was. I wish you all 
the best. 

John Tyler Saunders 

I want to thank all of my teachers, the good 
and the bad. Also, my parents for working 
with me through every year. Without my 
friends some of those years might have 
seemed impossible. I am going to miss 
this. It was great! 

Chapman Marshall 
Coolican Scheller 

Chappie. Chap. Chip-chap, Chapstick, 
Cschell, Nimble Kimble. Choppy. 

Cheerleading 1, Field Hockey 1-4, Ski 
Team 2-4 (capt.). Lacrosse 1-4, 
Student Government 2-4 

"Color my life willi the chaos oj imiihlc. " 
-Belle and Sehasliaii 

Mom. Dad. Dodger, and Saylor, thank you 
for always being there and helping me to 
become the person I am today. I love you 
all very much. Also. Megan, Amanda. 
Kaitlyn, Devin. Alexa, Liz, and Emily, 
you guys have been the best friends 
anyone could ever ask for. We've had a lot 
of fun over the past five years and I hope 
there is plenty more to come! And to 
anyone who didn't get a special shout out, 
don't worry I didn't forget you. You have 
all contributed to making NHS a place that 
I will never forget. Then there's 




Robert Francis Senatore 

Thank you. 

Tyler Christopher Sheedy 

Wrestling, Football, Track, Dranni 

"hliu iiiKihli lin Cuihc ami I jai iiol lo ( lean //|.| 


-Parsons | 

Thank you to Mr. Kcagan for always beii 
there for me when 1 need someone to 
to; he understood me when most peo| 
didn't. Thank you to Mr. Sullivan also 1 
being such a great coach and leach' 
Thank you Mr. Luccarelli for W\ 
someone I always looked up to and liu 
to be just like. 

ft ^kWl 

Samantha Haley Sprague 

Sam. Sammy 
Field Hockey 2-4, Gymnastics 2-4, 
Spring Track 3-4 

"Do I WWII It) he fciiml or loved'.' Uiii easy: Roth. 
I w ant people to he afraid oj how luueh ihey love 
me" -Mk hael Scott 

I would like to say thank you to all of the 
people that have been there for & 
supported me through everything. Mom 
& Dad- Thank you so much for playing 
such active roles in my life. I know I can 
always look into the crowd and see you 
cheering me on in whatever I do. Thank 
you lor being there whenever I need you. 
Jake. Nate. & Haley- You guys are my best 
friends and the best siblings I could ask 
for. Thank you for all of your advice 
throughout the years, and all the fun we've 
had tt)gether. Ahmed- Thank you for 
being there for me. I know I can always 
be myself around you and have a good 
time whenever we're together. Teachers & 
coaches- Thank you for all that you've 
taught me through my high school career. 
I really appreciate it. And to my friends- 
I could not have made it through these past 
four years without you guys. We've gone 
through so much together and had more 
laughs than I can think of. I can't believe 
we've made it this far already. Yeah class 
of 201 I! 

Gabriel Isaac Stern-Morales 

"Can't ( haiif;e the world till' we cliaiifie ourselves" 

Thank you to my parents for helping me 
through school and to all of my friends for 
sticking with me through the good times 
and the bad times, having my back, and 
making life worth livin, much love. 

Robert John Stravinsky 

Bstrav. Adam George 

Soccer 1-4, Ba.sketbal! 1-4, Invisihk 
Children 2-4, Peer Kd 3-4, 
Environment Club 4 

"Dreaiii as if you'll live forever, live as ifwii'll a 
today. " 
■ .lames Dean 
"E.xperiein e is the name every one f-ives to thei 
- (hear Wilde 

First and most importantly I'd like to than 
my parents. Your encouragement ai 
support has helped me succeed during ii 
times at NHS. Dad. I want to thank yc 
for coming to all of my games during tl 
fall and winter months. Your work ell> 
and sense of humor has impacted me in 
positive way and has inspired me 
always do my best. Mom, 1 would like 
thank you very much for keeping mc 
line and academically on track durii 
these four years. Although we have hj 
our differences at times I know you w 
always love me. To my sister, Katelyn 
want to thank you for setting the bar : 
high for me. Your achievements so far 
life have inspired me to become 
successful as you. Brit, you have been ll 
highlight of my high school expericu' 
and I want to thank you for always 1ki\ ii 
my back. You are my best friend and I u 
always be there for you. Finally, to all \v 
friend, you guys are the best, good luck 
everyone in the future! 

Katelyn Ruth Thompson 

Kate. KT. EZT. KThomp 

Cross Country 1, Basketballl-Z, 
Spring Track 1-2, Field Hockey 2, 
Peer Ed 3-4, Yearbook 4, Invisible 
Children 2-4 

"Let's cull her flirt i^irl" 
hell you're hoiiri'his.s rims out oj suiitl. you cuii'l 
I' it over unci sturt Uftulii. luke every hrealh God 
fiives you for wliut it's worlli" 
-Kenny Clie.siiey 

rst and foremost, I'd like to thank my 
niily for being tlie greatest support 
stem I could imagine. Mom and Dad. 
anks for always being there to cheer me 
1. Brian, you've always been there when 
iceded someone to talk to and always 
low hot to make me laugh. Thanks for 
ing such a good brother and friend. To 
1 my teachers, thanks for guiding me 
rough high school! Chloe. Liz, Molly, 
iroline. Krista, Kelly, Shannon, Lexi, 
itherine, Brooke- we have had some of 
c BEST times together...! love you girls, 
lanks for all the memories! Lodg and 
lura I love you guys thanks for always 
ing there. Pat. you've been my best 
lend throughout high school. I'll always 
member you. Last but not least, to the 
lass of 201 1. best of luck in all you do. 
tngratulations! We did it!!! 

KeUie EHzabeth Thurston 

Kel. Kthurst, Thursty, Real 

Softball 1-2, Field Hockey 2-4, 
Lacrosse 3-4, Halyard 2, Student 
Government 4, International Club 4, 
Invisible Children 2-4 

"Everytliiii}^ luippens for u reason" 
"Be who you di e anil say wluil you feel because 
tho\e w ho mind don't matter and those w ho matter 
dtm't mind." -Dr. Siiess 
"Life is a hcach. I'm Just i>luyiii^ in the sund." 
-Lil Wayne 

First off, thank yov\ so much Mom foreverything 
you have done for mc throughout the years. Even 
though sometimes I don't show it. I truly am 
grateful that you're my mom. love you. Thanks 
Dad for being my best friend and all your 
unconditional love and support, our talks at 
dinner are always a good time. Kev- thanks for 
all the laughs, your of humor is one of a 
kind. Good luck in the next few years, it goes by so make smart choices and live it up. A big 
thanks to all my friends who have made the past 
4 years unforgettable, love you guys! Cara- it's 
crazy we've been friends since that awk first day 
in homeroom 6 years ago, I'm thinking that 
yellow sweatshiil of yours needs to come back. 
A shout out to august adventures and our heart 
to hearts, thanks girl! To the fockey ladies- 
hollaa Dream Team '10 so many laughs and 
memories! r.i.p. topless tuesdays. Last but not 
least, thanks to all my teachers who have pushed 
me to do my best, especially Ms. Fox. thank you 
for all your advice. Class of 201 1 - Peace 

Tyler Morgan Tocchio 

Ttocch. Tokyo. Tocch 

Hockey 1, Ba.seball 1-4 

"Lie a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I love 

you. Go to w ork, do your best, don't <mt smart 
your common never let your pniyint' knees 
i;et lazy and love like crazy. " 
-Lee Sl ice 

Thank you. Mom and Dad for all your love 
and support throughout the years. Thank 
you to all my teachers, especially Mrs. 
Rheault. I couldn't of made it through 
without you. 


Ryan Patrick Vaughan 

Vaughan. Vaughno 

Football 1-4 (captain). Winter Track 
3-4, Spring Track 3-4 

As I graduate from Norwell High School 
I would like to thank my parents, brother, 
and sister tor always supporting me. 1 
would also like to thank my teachers and 
coaches for helping to guide me through 
high school. Lastly I would like to thank 
my friends who have always been there 
for me. Congrats Class of 201 1 ! 


Grace Elizabeth Wallace 

"Never lose your Dinosaur!" 
-Dr. Koherl Doehock 

Mom thanks for pushing me to do my best, 
love you girl! Dad. thanks for always 
supporting me. love you too! Oliver and 
Tommy- you guys are the best good luck 
in middle and high school, love you! 
Shannon and Meg- you two are my sisters, 
looking forward to the rest of our lives 
together, love you both. Thanks to all my 
homegirls; Alexa. Morgan. Mikayla, 
Kaytie, Camryn. Erin. Kenzie. Rachel A., 
Melly. McGowan, Emily, James, Nick P., 
Shane, Chris, XC Senior ladies and the 
rest! I love you all! Sulcy and Mr. Ward: 
thanks for helping me get through high 
school, much appreciated! But, 
importantly thank you Tom Stix! 

Jacob Dylan Webber * 
Baseball 1-4, Football 3-4 

"Mills. .. CItissii " -Arislolle UK ^ 

"One Thirties and lliose HAHAS iliinih 
Canadians " 
-Mall Kelley 

"It's UnderslotxI. I do il for the Hood" 
- Yoitnt; Jeezy 

I would like to thank my Mom and D' 
for being supportive my whole life. I Ui 
you both very much. Paul. Mark. Luy 
thanks for being the three best brothcrj 
could ask for. Nana Lee thanks for beii 
the hardest working person in the wo I 
you're the best. 1 would also like to tha 
the Kelley family for their being my hot 
away from home. You arc the best. 
Bevilacqua's I don't even know whercr 
start. You have gone above and bey(» 
for me and 1 appreciate you so much, 
all my homeboys. thank you for the I. 
1 8 years of my life. I wouldn't be here w> 
out you all. Ms. Fox thank you for all I 
support and guidance you have gi\cn i 
the last four years of my life. 



Fall Concert 

Vw»«k Wall Vla9««« 

Aria Benzaquin, Abby 
Flyiui) chandler Anthony, 
Vy Vy Larason, Ty Sheedy & 
Chris Eccelstone 

November 18-20, 2010 

■'fir *^-ii*>.*A} 


November 18,2010 


- V 

Freshman Pa(( Sports 

4Y Fall Sports 

Girls' Soccer 

With Mikey Bevilacqua, Colin 
Kelly, and Brad Prouty as 
captains, the team won the 
South Shore 2010 League 
Championship title. They 
finished with an impressive 
record of 14-1-3. The Clippers 
had a disappointing loss in the 
first round of the Division 2 
South Sectional tournament 
against Norton. League All- 
Stars include Mikey Bevilacqua 
(3rd in the state). Brad Prouty 
(7th in the state), Tom Koch, 
Bobby Stra\1nsky, and Colin 
Kelly. The team lost many 
valuable players this year, 
however, the remaining players 
will be essential in next year's 
continued success. 

Boys' Soccer 


The football team played well 

this season. Led by senior 
captains Ryan Vaughan, David 
Regan, Adrian Chavez, and 
Matt Lauria, they worked 
hard together as a team to 
finish with a record of 1-10. 
They had a strong victory over 

Carver and put up a 
tremendous fight against other 
competitive South Shore 

Norwell came together to 
honor Head Coach Jim 
Sullivan in his final season as 
Norwell's head football coach 

after twenty-two successful 
years. Returning players look 
forward to a bright season next 

The cheerleaders performed 
well this season. Led by senior 
captains Laura Farinick and 
Jenna Berg they kept school 
spirit strong during the 
football games and the two pep 
rallies for Homecoming and 
Their routines were very 
impressive and displayed all 
their effort and hard work. 
The team looks promising for 
next year. Congrats 


Girls' XC 

The girls' cross country team 
had an excellent season this 
year. The senior captains 
Morgan Gallagher, Liz 
Driscoll, and Rachel Wolfson 
led the team in defeating East 
Bridgewater in their closest 
meet of the year. The team 
won the league Championship 
and seven of the runners were 
named to the South Shore 
League All-Star team. 
Additionally, the team 
continued their 98 duel meet 
winning streak and is hopeful 
that next years team will hit 
100, It is clear that their hard 

work, commitment, and 
determination really paid off 
this year. 

The boys' cross country team 
had a fantastic season this 

The team, led by captains Mike 
Day, Evan Cannata, and Owen 
Wiggins, defeated their rival. 
East Bridgewater in an 
impressive race. 
The team went on to win the 

South Shore league 
championship title. Seven 
varsity members qualified for 
the All-State Championship 

All of the team's success can be 
attributed to their tremendous 
effort and excellent team spirit. 

Great job boys! 

The golf team finished with a 

record of 5-12 with Ken 
Camerota as coach and Mike 
Locke as the captain. The top 
players were Mike Locke as 

the number one, Jack 
Christian as the number two, 

Matt Smith as the number 
three, and Alicia Reggiannini 
as the number four. Other 

players include Myles 
Blakeslee, Kevin Bougoulas, 
Craig Frehill, Josh Lind and 
Sean Locke. Reggiannini was 
the only girl on the team and it 
was her first year playing. 
Mike Locke was the only 
league-all star and returning 
player on the team this year. 
The junior varsity finished 
with a 6-2 record. 

Field Hockey 

Captains Caroline Barry, 
Ailisli Dennigan, Alyssa 
Gunviile, and Sam Sprague led 
the field hockey team in a 
successful season. Finishing 
with a 8-7-4 record, the team 
made it to tournament for the 
first time since 2005. They lost 
in the first round against the 

Scituate Sailors 1-3. The 
Clippers lone goal was scored 
by Junior Julie Chessia. 
A highlight of the season 
includes beating the Harwich 
Rough Riders 1-0 for the first 
time in Coach Schad's career. 

Great season Ladies and good 
luck next year! 

March 3 & 4, 2011 

"Babel's In Arms": Directed by: Molly Brodeiick. Starring: 
Mason Segall. Matt Kelley, Grace Wallace, Georgia Healy, 
Chris Eccelstone 

"The Mistress of Wholesome": Directed by: VyVy Larason, 
Starring: Alice Tilles. Valerie Umbro, Kristina Gilberti 

"Five Down. One Across"" (Festival Play): Directed by: 
Chris Lacy, Starring: Abby Flynn, Aria Benzaquin, 
MaryKate Hines, Chandler Anthony, Colleen Fitzgibbons, 
Molly Broderick 


Science Fair 

February 9, 2011 

li jwSwDEMSITr^ 


1st: Claudia Sequin 
Grade 9 

"The Effect ofGuaram 
on the Heart Rate of 

2nd: Vanessa Lyle 
and Angelica Chan. 

Grade 10 
3rd: Rebecca Bates 

Grade 9 
4th: Julia Kirslis 
and Brenna Diggins 

Grade 10 
5th: Joe Flaherty, 

Grade 9 

Honorable Mentions: 

.iza Basso, Chris DiMartinis, 
Emily Lynch, Danielle Griffin, 
and Christie McTigue 


Quiz Show 

February 5, 2011 /&\ 




\Vith Mrs. Sulc, Mr. Kitchen 
and Ms. Keating as 

supervisors, Corbin Foucart, 
Nathan Kingston, Emma 
Ray, and Peter McDonald 
represented Norwell High 
School at WGBH's High 

School Quiz Show in Boston 

losted by Billy Costa. While 
the team lost to Mystic 

Valley in the first round, it 

was a fun experience for all. 
This episode was aired on 

I!hannel 2 on March 6, 201 1 . 


% - 


\ i 





Small Ensemble Night 

Freshmen & JV 

Ski Team 

Captains Chris McGrath, Mike 

Logue, Alyssa Gunville, 
Michaela Nichols, and Chappie 
Scheller led a team of 43 skiiers 
this past season. The boys team 
fmished in 3rd place and the 
girls team finished in 4th place 
out of a total of 10 schools in the 
Ski East league. McGrath (3rd), 

Logue (12th), Gunville (9th), 
and Webber (11th) qualified for 
states after having been a part of 
the top 20 skiiers in the league 
on both the boys and girls side. 
They were also named League 
All-Stars for the season. After 
Glen Schlager and Mike Grant's 
ten years of coaching, this is the 
largest that the team has ever 

Boys' Basketball 

The Norwell Boys' basketball 

team, led by captains David 
Regan and Nick Voipe remained 

positive throughout the entire 

season, while head coach Mr. 
Willis kept the team focused and 
ready to reach the post season. 
After getting off to a slow start, 
the team had an amazing second 

half of the season with huge 
wins over Rockland and 
Abington. As the season comes 
to an end the team is hoping to 
qualify for the STATE 
Stand out players on this years' 
team include Brian Lahiff, Kitt 

Miller, and Peter Marchetti; 
however, all players contributed 

to the team's over-all success. 

Girls' Basketball 


Captains Tom Garvey, Tyler 
Price, and Sheamus O'Sullivan 
led the team in Coach Sullivan's 
last year of coaching. 
This season was labeled as a 
year of rebuilding. A memorable 
match this season was against 
the Milton Wildcats, a very 
strong team but the Clippers 

At Sectionals, George Trebino 
placed second and Ben Gordon 
place fifth. The team consisted 
of many young wrestlers that 
helped contribute to their over- 
all success. Throughout the next 
year all of the teams younger 
players will develop and grow 
into an even strong unit. 
Great Seasion Wrestlers. 

4. ""^ 


With Sam Sprague and Caitlin 

Sullivan as captains the 
Cohasset-Norwell Gymnastics 
team achieved an impressive 
of 8-7. 

Gymnasts from both Norwell 
and Cohasset worked together 
to make sure the team had a 
strong performance throughout 
the season and then at the All- 
League meet; where the team 

flnished second over-all. 
League All-Stars include Sam 
Sprague (all-around), who also 
qualified for States, and Amber 
Silvia (floor exercise). 
The team has a tremendous 
amount of talent and potential 
that will be carried with them 
into the next season. 
Great season Norwell Gymnasts 

Boys' Track 

This year Girl's Winter Track 
had one of the best seasons 
they've had in years. Led by 
captains Morgan Gallagher, Liz 
Driscoll, Ailish Dennigan, and 
Rachael Wolfson the team had 
an outstanding record in which 
they only lost one, tied one, and 

won all of the rest. 
Five of the athletes qualified for 
the State Championships 
including Allie Weiler, Ailish 
Dennigan, Maddie Ward, 
Morgan Gallagher, and D'Anna 
Congratulations girls on an 
awesome season! 

Girls' Track 

Swimming & Diving 

The Norwell Varsity Hockey 
team, led by captains John 
Finnigan and Ryan Brown, had 
another extraordinary season. 
Head coach Mr. Cassagrande, 

and Assistant coaches Mr. 
Whelton and Mr. Doyle helped 
the team reach it's full potential 
and are looking forward to an 

incredible run in the STATE 
Stand out players include Craig 
Freehill and John Finnigan for 

defense and Aiden Roach and 
Ryan Brown for offense. Nicki 
Lamparelli had an outstanding 
season in net. With tremendous 
depth and versitility this group 
of players promises to continue 
it's plight to the top as they 

prepare for the tournament. 
Great season Norwell Hockey. 




Front row: Julia Kirslis. Joe Lynch. Graham Van Goffrier, Kevin Luo. Kaity O'Neil. Diana Chen. Katie Gilroy 
Back row: Pete McDonald. Casey Hill. Alex Henning, Steven McClelland 

The math team competes in Division Four of the Southeastern Massachusetts Mathematics League. Other schools 
in the division are Cohasset, Hingham, Notre Dame, Scituate, and Weymouth. This year Norwell's "infinitely 
radical" team was undefeated, placing first in the division, and earning an invitation to the league playoffs. The 

mathletes earned their fourth consecutive Division Four Championship trophy. In October. Graham Van Goffrier 
was a finalist and Nathan Kingston and Kevin Luo were semifinalists in the Olympiad competition. In NEML, 
NHS placed first in the Plymouth County. Seventeen students took the American Mathematics Competition in 
February. High scorers were Peter McDonald and Graham Van Goffrier. New to NHS this year are the Log 1 
contests. Norwell is in the top ten Region Three, a region that stretches from Maine to Alabama. It has been an 
exponentially good year. This year the Norwell chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, a math honor society, was formed. 

Members not only do well in their math classes but also participate in competitions. Elevent students were inducted 

as charter members. 

Katie Gilroy, Kevin Luo, Alexa Henning, Casey Hill, Julia Kirslis, Gragam Van Goffrier, Joe Lynch, Pete 
McDonald, Steven McClelland, Diana Chen, Isabella Abelite, Annie Joseph 

National Honors 


President: Tyler Hiison, Vice President: corbin Foucan. Treasurer: Aiexa 
Daniels, Secretary: Aiyssa Gunviiie, Pubiicist: Aiiish oennigan 

The National Honors Society is an organization in which students are inducted into 
because of their academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, leadership, 
and their contribution to the community. Throughout the year, members strive to 
continue to commit to their community by offering tutoring sessions, showing 
leadership in school extracurriculars, and being models for their peers. This past 
year, the NHS ran its very first Trunk-Or-Treat event, which raised over $500. Other 
events included Rent-A-Senior Day and hosting the teacher appreciation luncheon. 
The NHS looks forward to inducting many more members from the Class of 2012. 

(Back Row) Ms. Lozan (Advisor), Tom Koch, John Fmnigan, Mike Day, Zach Cadman, Lauren Connaughton, 
Nathan Kingston, Richie Smith, Rachel Lynch, Rachael Wolfson, Corbin Foucart, Hannah Hayes, Rachel Hearn (Middle 
Row) Kelly Kramer, Caroline Barry, Krista Prouty, Brooke Alman, Lexi DeMarco, Chloe Hager, Molly Lodigiani, Alexa 
Daniels, Julia DiMartinis, (Front Row) Colin Kelly, David Regan, Mikey Bevilacqua, Tyler Hilson, Matty Kelley, Amanda 
Marchetti, Kelly Hudgins, Nicole Harper, Michaela Nichols, Liz Driscoll, Aiyssa Gunviiie 

Not Shown: Aiiish Dennigan, Mike Locke, Sam Sprague, Molly Broderick, Hannah McKitrick, Megan Cavano, Nick Daley, 
Kelsey Wheeler, Aria Benzaquin, Devin Lotterhand, MaryKate Hines, Kitt Miller, Olivia Bourque, Julia Driscoll, Jackie 
Daniel, Joe Mazzeo, Alexa Psota, Emma Ray, Brad Prouty, Alex Henning 

Back Row: Maddie Willis, Gordie Willis, Alex Titelbaum, Lawyer/Coach Gary Thomas, Isabella Abelite, 
Nathan Kingston, Co-Captain Corbin Foucart, Teacher Coach John Goniatis, Pat Hill. Front Row: 
Catherine Stack, Emily Lynch, Siobhan Murphy, Steven McClelland, Co-Captain Kristina Gilberti, Alex 

The Mock Trial team gives students the opportunity to take part in a 

mock legal case and play the roles of lawyers and witnesses. This 
year's team was a mix of veteran leadership and first year members. 
This year's team went 2-1, with a close 93-91 loss to perennial rival 
Marshfield. Even though the season ended with a loss, advisors John 
Goniatis and Gary Thomas felt this was Norwell's best team yet. Led 
by Senior captains Corbin Foucart and Kristina Gilberti, the team 
prepared for an interesting case involving a high school student 
charged with involuntary manslaughter as a result of a Senior prank 
gone bad. The team also benefited from the four-years of lawyer 
Nathan Kingston and witness Pat Hill. 

Will the Defendant please Rise .. 


We see our elub not only as a group of students that support Art but wish to spread it. With a 
body of $9 students and growing, we are one of the largest clubs at NHS. Advised by Mr. Papadonis 

the elub meets every Wednesday in the Art I^oom located at the bottom of the Upper House iUimp. 

this year we had a wide variety of activities including - Tye Pying Tee-Shirts, Silk Screening and 
Cutting Tee-Shirts, fusing glass, pottery wheel, prepping for art shows, painting an Art Club Mural, 

decorating the Recycling l^ins, Marbleizing paper. Mosaics and making wire sculptures to name a 



The Halyard 

NHS'e annual literary/arte magazine 

The 2011 edition continues The Halyard's tradition of 
excellence. It contains the works of 45 of Norwell's most 
creative artists and writers. Editors Katie Gillroy, Annie 
Joseph, Angelica Chan, and Madison Maduri did fundraising 

to afford lots of color pages, collected art and writing 
submissions, then put together a beautiful 32 page magazine. 

In the spring the staff will attend a high school journalism 
conference at Boston University and will submit the magazine 
for a publication award. The Halyard hopes to earn its tenth 
Highest Achievement award from the New England 
Scholastics Press Association. 

EttilOrS:Katie Gillroy, Annie Joseph, Angelica Chan, Madison Maduri. 

Student Government 

Cbss Officers 

Nick Daley, Liam Dennigan, Matty Kelley, 
MaryKate Hines, Julia DiMartinis 

Brendan McGreenery, Alicia Reggiannini, Alii 
Weiler, Frank White, Patrick Birmingham 

Casey Studley, Rachel Kelly, Margaret Hayes, 
Mary O'Connell, Annie Joseph 

Sabrina Kelley, Katie Maguire, Christopher 
DiMartinis, Maddie Plansky, Sarah Barcomb 

Norwell High School 

Best Buddies 

"To enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing 
opportunities for one to one friendships and integrated employment. " 
- Best Buddies National Headquaters 



Norwell High School 


The iLinior Statesmen of Anieiica, or ISA for short, is iT^ving a gi^eat year, tlianl^s to the 
leadership of President Brett Berrxard and Vice-Pi-esident Myles Bbkeslee. ISA is a club 
where students can come and show off their debating skills and discuss local, state and 
national issues. This year's group introduced a creative new foniiat, speed chess. Having 
only 30 seconds to prove yoLir point leads to some very funny and lively debates. In 
addition to the weekly meetings, Norwell ISAers also attend I'egional conferences. This 
year we attended the Northeast Fall State in Boston and Winter Congress in Washington 

DC. JSA is lead by Mr. Goniatis. 

Democracy in Action 

The Navigator 

Newspaper put out 5 editions this year and atter\ded two conferences. The staff this 
year was Steven McClelland and Julia Kirslis as Editors-in-Chief, Katie Joseph as Clubs 
and Classes Editor, Tiffany P'Souza as Layout Editor, Frank Patarino as Sports editor, 
Alex Titelbaum as General News Editor, and Kanika Rajiv as Business Manager. Thanks 
to Mr. Hanke, all the staff reporters, photographers, and all who help the paper run 

smoothly and efficiently. 



Pictured: Bobby Stravinsky, James Degreorio, Steve MacClellend (President), Diana Chen (Treasurer), 
Brittany Cannon (Vice President), Kelly Traft, Nina, Talia McCauly, James Arnold, Alex Titlebaum, 

Kyle Freeman, Arianne Lozan (Teacher Advisor) 


rHc PLANer 

This past term the Juniors and seniors that make up Peer Educators continued to act 
as Youth leaders with their respective elementary schooi classes. The Peer Educators 

went to the Yinal and Cole Schools to discuss the dangers of alcohol and tobacco. 
Although the students they tallced to are not facing the dangers of substance abuse, 

they are still being exposed to the advertisements of these products. The Peer 
Educators taught their classes how to recognize the truth in the advertisements, and 
also led some educational skits about how to "say no" in a situation involving alcohol 

or tobacco. 

On top of educating the students of the elementary schools, the Peer Educators 
continue to provide guidance and and support for their underclassmen "children". All 

of the underclassmen are able to, at any time, talk to their "homeroom parents" 
about what may be troubling them, and receive ipirst hand advice from their parents 
about how to deal with various scenarios in the high school environment. 



Utin Qi4>1his _year w axxDnsiis. Mie Chessia and Colleen 

" Rl2gfl*c^ Ma^ events indtided the 2nd annual tye-d^dng of togas gi*^ 
M^vembo; the-tec^^ 


K Latin Qub wdcomes an>one wtfli an interest in Latin and Latin related 
; topfes. 


Team 348 was founded in 1999 at Norwell High School in Norwell, MA. 

For the last 11 years the team has been involved in all aspects of the 
FIRST organization from building to competing to mentoring. Starting 
with only twelve participants, there are now over forty-five. Throughout 
our eleven successful seasons, the team has traveled to over 10 states to 
compete and has brought home over 15 awards ranging from leadership 

to robot quallity to champion. 


Two seniors, Corbin Foueart and Nathan Kingston, led the field at Chess Club, but the younger 
players were not afraid to challenge them. Other club members included l^enjamin Campbell Evan 
Cannata, V/ilton Childs, Michael Pay, Conor Haraden, l^rian Keenan, Alexander Kelley, Mason 
Segall, 4ay Songdahl, Alexander Titelbaum, and (Gordon Willis. 



^There's more to see than can ever be seen 
More to do than can ever be done" Tim Rice 

Aim high Class of 2011! 
The Blakeslee Family 




Remember that you are nothiwg without 
family. You have been lucky enough to 
have experienced the large family here in 


My sincerest gratitude goes out to all of 
those who have contributed to helping us 
achieve this outcome. Especially all of 
those who fed, housed, mentored, and 
coached Prendan for the past 4 years, 
and have become his adopted families 
- Megan Kennedy 

l^estof luck Class of 2011! 

Congratulations Matty! 

We love you - Mom, Dad, and Sabrina 





Dedicated to Research and improving the lives of those living with 

Muscular Dystrophy 


Love, Mom and Dad 

Norwell High School 
Class of 2011 

Class of W1 

Women's Club 

Cfouis ef 20 1 I f f f 





NORWELL, MA 02061 


TEL: 781-659-1631 
FAX: 781-659-6777 


B^of luck 



ClasTof 20 1 1 ! 

Jhrom the H 

Norwell High School 


I 1 


t « ». T !: * 

Cpi^^m'tuU'ticvYc^ Joe. 
CU^rrf ZO I I 

Another step in the ladder of 
life completed 

Love, MOM and DAD 

NonuellKndl ^ 

Rehabilitation and Nursing Center 

329 Washington Street • Nonvell, Massachusetts 02061 

Thsti^s to all the students 

and teachers vrim 
volunteered Unelr time at 
Norwell Knoll. 

^ood Luek Setilm'sl 

CoHgratulatloHS Erie 

the Class of 2011! 

the Kuebh' s, 
the &ouid' s 

the Williams' 

Front End Systems 

Backroom Solutions 





CU**ff 20 ( I! 


'Voiding Students to Find Pireetion' 

Wishing the Class of 20 It 
the l^est of Lueic!!! 

The EducatioH Association of Norwell 

The Norwell Teachers, Seeretaries and Aides